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Pat, is Brian feeling better with the Aranesp?


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Hey Pat,

Just wanted to know if the Aranesp was helping Brian feel better today? Hoping he gets a little pep in his step to help him through the week-end.

Take care, you two,


(p.s. posted this out here as I know others are holding your pork chop and are thinking about you two)

(Ooops, I think I just wiped out this message a minute ago but if not, then I'll ask you twice!)

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Thanks for caring about us!

You gotta be kidding? How could we NOT care, sweetie?

Am so glad Bri is perking up a little and that his breathing is coming easier. Sometimes the little improvements add up to something bigger, don't they?

Last night hubby had to go drop something at the post office after dinner. When he came home, tired ol' me was on the computer upstairs, but about ready to pile into bed. In he walks with a caramel sundae from the ice cream shop that he passed on his way home from the P.O. :D

Sent me off to bed feeling much less tired, somehow...but still content to watch some t.v. and enjoy that treat all over again in my head! 8)

Like I said...the little things. They add up.

Go give Bri a kiss on the top of his head...and when he says, "What was that for?"...you tell him it was sent from me...and I said he's very lucky my DOGS didn't want to get in on the deal or he'd think he'd been slimed! :lol:

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