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getting nuked again

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Well I am getting nuked again.

Since my thoracic oncologist failed to do a neck CT along with brain CT and chest CT at onset of chemotherapy they do not know when this little fella arrived. Since it is getting smaller it is being called a recurrence and suitable to be nuked locally.

Sept 26th I see the radiologist and she determines when to nuke the tumor in my left tonsil area. This is not common for lung cancer but this cancer has never been normal.

If i had not kept at the doctor this would not have been spotted ever.

So not only will I be bald but also smell of burnt flesh, but am positive because I believe a second round of radiation is the best way to eliminate this stuff. Aggressive treatment seems the only way to go.

thanks everyone


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Sorry the beast has bitten you again, but you've made an absolutely critical point here: If you had not kept after your physician the tumor near your tonsil would never have been found.

I hope that the radiation and chemo kick the darn thing into oblivion. Hang in there, Joyce. We're all out here cheering you on.

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Thanks everyone for being here, sure helps when info is on overload.

The radiation will be put off - i hate radiation, but perhaps it was the radiologist in our town, little aggressive.

They changed some of the premeds so someone is paying attention.

Last treatment of carbo/taxol with avastin was wednesday, so glad. CT in 3 weeks then avastin alone or....

Yes, cindi back to the drawing board, but it seems i have had to take these young drs (38 yr old thoracic oncologist and 43 yr old hd/nekc oncologist) by the scruff of their necks and turn them to the blackboard to pay attention. Very smart but too much time in academia.


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