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Great News!!


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Hi guys,

first I want to thank you all for your prayers and support...it must have helped...mums brain scan came back all clear and her CT scan came back all clear The onc said that the medical term for this was REMISSION We are still having a hard time believing this as at the beginning we were told that there was no chance of her going into remission!!

The onc told us that there was no need for a bone scan because there is a high probability that the mets to her bone would have gone as well...this bit of news has left us a bit apprehensive because we feel that surely if it is cleared from her lungs you would want to make sure that it is clear from her bones as well...does this sound right?

Anyway, I wanted to share the good news with you all...mum has her last chemo treatment on friday...then we are hoping for some great months with her...maybe years ...Am thinking of you all and will keep you in my prayers....Thanx again. [/img]


Mum dx March 05, adenocarcinoma of both lungs, inoperable, incurable; mets to bones.

March 05: started cisplatin/gemcitibine for 6 cycles.

April 05: Blood clot to leg; started warfarin.

June 05: CT scan shows remarkable shrinkage to primary tumour.

Sept 05: CT scan shows no sign of any cancer in lungs; Brain scan all clear;last chemo on Friday 23rd Sept.

may angels wrap you in their wings and keep you safe


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Wish someone could program a little emoticon doing a relief/joy dance - I'd put one right here right now! :D

About the bone scan...my doctor explained to me that it's often difficult to really tell with bone scans because, even after the cancer has been killed, it can still look like there's something there because of the erosion or damage to the bone. Kind of a lot of expense and effort when they still can't be 100%sure in the end. That's what I was told anyway.

Enjoy your mom's great fortune! Brilliant news!


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