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My FIL seems to be doing much better!


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Boy, he was doing so terrific after surgery, then late last week he really started slipping backwards. Didn't want to/wouldn't eat...didn't want to drink anything...stopped walking, just wanted to lay around. He got weaker, started having dizzy spells, just really was doing bad. And it is so hard because we don't live close and my BIL and SIL were going on Sunday. So, as I am talking to my MIL on Saturday afternoon she kind of blips through how he was dizzy in the morning and how he was vomiting...then she moves on to how he watched the ball game - so you really really have to listen to what they are saying to determine how he is really doing because they don't want to "bother" anyone. By Sat night he was still sick, weak and dizzy, so we made them call the dr.

I think that he was partially dehydrated, sick from taking pain pills and not eating.

He had a follow up appt with the surgeon on Tuesday, where they tested his lung capacity and found it to be very low...they told him that it wouldn't get better if he didn't start his walking again. But, they were able to give him a pill for the nausea, and switched him to prescription Tylenol for pain.

Now he seems to be doing much better...eating, regaining his strength, walking. He thinks that it is all because of the nausea pills...which is fine, as long as he continues to improve!!

We go to the onc on Thursday.

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