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My daughter (6th grade) wants to earn her Bronze award in Girl Scouting. To do so, she must plan and implement a service project. She told me today that she has decided what she wants to do: Sponsor a poster contest to help raise awareness about LC issues.

She has developed a plan, and is really excited about this. She is ready to start the research and create her flyers. She is just waiting for approval of her project

I really am so proud of her, and I know my mom will be as well. There is the slightest chance that in the last 11 years I may have managed to do something right!

:) Kelly

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Sounds like you have an amazing daughter! I have a 6th grade daughter too. She was asked to write her memoirs for communications class. She entitled it "The Day My Heart was Broken". It was about her Grandpa having cancer and all the wonderful memories she has of them together.

I had to laugh when I read your comment about doing something right over the last 11 years. I thought the exact same thing. Isn't it nice to have those moments when you realize all that hard work just might pay off in the end.


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This is wonderful! Out of the mouth of babes! It's often amazing what children can see and pick up on that adults sometimes just can't seem to get! I'm so proud of your daughter, too!!!

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That is so wonderful!! I'm am so excited and I know you must be really proud. She is obviously an assertive, self-confident and empathetic young lady. You are an awesome mom!!! I can tell you from experience (teaching middle school 10 years) that many kids don't have those traits. You have done a great job.



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