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Have a happy Thanksgiving


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Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

My Beautiful Thanksgiving Morning

I woke this morning at 6am to put on the Turkey. Sitting near our back window, I took note of how beautiful the trees were with the sunrise just behind their branches. With the Winter/Fall season all the trees were leaved with beautiful orange, purple, green, yellow and brown leaves.

I managed to get the Turkey in the oven and once the turkey was on, my 21 month old daughter awoke.. The next hour or so, we just sat by our large backyard picture window watching the Sunrise, the squirrels and birds as this Thanksgiving 2005 day began. It really was quite beautiful and worthy of a photograph. In my 41 years of life, this was for sure one of the most beautiful mornings of my life. Now the day has started with the rustle bustle of getting the food ready, house cleaned and kids dressed, but I am still thinking of the beautiful morning.


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Happy Thanksgiving to you to Rickey. You really put a smile on my face tell your wakeup story. Have the beauty of looking outside and hearing the birds, and then having little stinker pinker Kennedy come out and sit with you, just melted my heart. As much as I love birds, trees and nature, I love that little girl of your even more. She makes my heart go pitter patter. :D

I hope the Entire Brown family has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and what time is the turkey going to be done did you say???? :wink:

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Thank you and Katie for giving us this wonderful family. I wish the very best Thanksgiving for you, Katie, the kids, and the doggies (it's okay if they eat a small turkey treat).

I hear your Texas weather is supposed to be nice today. I was headed to Dallas but an almost-flat tire made me chicken out. So, I'll just re-read your description of the beautiful Texas morning.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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This thread was really like spending Thanksgiving with family....which is what I feel we all are.

We are having Thanksgiving with our wonderful neighbors who took such great care of us this time last year when I had no hope of living. I will take the mashed potatoes, candied yams, and a ham. She has a 26 lb. turkey and all the other stuff along with about 15 more people!!!! BUT it wouldn't have felt like a true Thanksgiving without sharing part of it with all fo you.

Thank you Katie and Rick and the rest of the family. Love to all of you this very special day!



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Happy Thanksgiving, Rick and Katie! As has been said, a big thanksgiving is for you two and the effort you put out so this website can be here for us all.

We had a great meal at our son and DIL's with all three of our kids. Lucie got to sit at a table with all three of them. There were 12 of us. Beautiful day! So blessed! Don

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