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My turn with good news


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Sorry if I am late answering posts but

was in the hospital for pain and now I'm

in the Prednisone gang for a while.

The good news, the mets suspected on the

ribs turned out in two broken ribs 3 and 4

and the rest is all clear.(except age)

Just a crazy accident during volunteer work.

You were on my mind while I was passing all these

tests and my prayers were there for all of you.


to all


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Hi Jackie,

So glad to hear it was broken ribs. :roll: And nothing that you may have been worried about.

I know you must be in incredible pain, but that shall pass. I hope that gave you some good pain meds.

Take care, heal and just take it easy. No volunteer work that requires physical work. You have to be careful and leave that to the young.

Glad for your news. Prayers to heal soon.

Maryanne :wink:

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Although broken ribs are certainly no picnic, I'm glad it's that and not mets. Please take care of yourself and thanks for letting us know what's going on. I'll be saying prayers that those ribs heal quickly!

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Broken ribs are no fun. Prayers going up that they heal quickly. Most of us that had surgery got 2 broken ribs ( if done by VAT they miss out on that) so we know what they feel like. Donna G

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