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Into the light


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When my father had his first heartattack, he had the profound pleasure of an "out of body" experience.

His heart had stopped and as they were working on him in the ambulance, he saw them working on him. He was above them looking down. He told of having this very bright light coming at him and all he could do was watch it. Soon he was traveling in the light, only to meet his mother, my baby brother, and others who had passed before him. In this place of complete peace he saw what he could only describe as the most beautiful, peaceful, more than he had words to describe place. He was with his loved ones and he felt he was in the presence of God. And he told us it was everything that you could imagine heaven was only 1000 times better. Soon after arriving there, a man who had an aura about him, approached my father and told him it was not his time yet and he had to go back. Dad of course did not want to leave. He was so at peace here. But this man held my father in his arms and told him, you have more to do yet and you must go back. Back my father came.

After dad was able to talk about what happened, as it took some time for him to be able to even begin to tell his story, he said, he would never fear death again because he knew what heaven was like. This experience allowed my father to become truely one of God's children. And in his sharing of this experience, I feel I too am one of God's children. We have no fear of death because our reward is to be in heaven with those we love now and in the past. We will be in the presence of God and He will comfort us and guide us.

Dad always said life on earth truely is short, but our life in heaven will be forever.

I just wanted to share this story as I know there are many of us hurting right now with the news of Bill's passing. Bill's passing I believe has brought the loss that others of us have had here to the forefront of our memories. We know what Beth is experiencing and the pain she is in right now.It brings our pain of our losses out too. I try so hard to remember what my father shared with me about his experience because it does give me comfort in knowing that although I miss those that have died, I know they are in the presence of God and it is everything you could imagine and more. They are painfree, at peace and just waiting for us to join them one day.

May we all tell those we love that we love them. May we all be able to get our relationships right with one another so as not to suffer from anixety of guilt for not telling those we love that they are most precious to us.

I continue to pray for all of us.


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I can't tell you what reading your story has done for me... I just read about Bill, My Daddys one year anniversary is December 14th and I am just plain feeling depressed. In my mind, I am reliving the last final days I had with Daddy.... they are so vivid in my memory. One year ago tonight at about this time, we decided to start the morphine drip... I can remember everything with such incredible detail. It is almost haunting me. I do believe in heaven, I do believe my Daddy is there, but your story truly helped me put things into perspective on this cold winter evening. I thank you. Love, Sharon

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Shirley, thank you for your post. It just helps me understand why my mom told me she wasn't afraid to die; she knew in her heart that she would be in the most wonderful place with God and her family. Sometimes people say that they're sorry my mom passed and they can't believe it cause she was only 64yr. old. I tell them thank you, but mom's work for the Lord was done here on earth and it was time for her reward. Praise God!!

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It is strange that you posted this now. I came here to tell about something similar.

I think I told once before about the man in the assisted living home who told me almost the exact same thing that your dad said. His story gave me what I needed to get envolved with people again and to trust my faith.

On Thursday I went to spend the night with one of my clients who just got out of the hospital. I spent Thursday night and Friday night and all day yesterday until 8 am this morning. Her daughter told me a few things about her illness.

I wrote about this lady once before asking why a person lives so long. She was questioning why she couldn't just "go to sleep and go". She came down with a urinary tract infection, a very serious thing for the elderly and those with dementia. As it turned out she nearly died. She told me about her hulcinations and her daughter told me more.

On Tuesday she was in very bad condition. Her daughter thought that she was losing her. She told me that her mom was talking to her dad telling him that she wanted to go with him. I guess he must have told her that it is not her time because she started to improve after that. Now she doesn't talk about dying any more. I think that maybe she had a near death experience and her husband sent her back!

We talked quite a bit about some experiences that we have each had. She told me that when ever she is really having a problem something special happens. She never did explain what that is and when I told her daughter about part of it she didn't know anything about it. When I questioned her again she couldn't remember.

This has to be another validation for all of us who have questions about our loved ones and our own afterlife.

By the way we were listening to music and I mentioned wanting to see the new Johnny Cash movie. She said "me too take me". When her daughter came in we discussed it and tomorrow we plan a ladies afternoon out to go see the movie. I am really looking forward to it. I can't think of better company to do something enjoyable.

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Thank you all for letting me share this with you. I am humbled by your replies and I am thankful I could share this story with you.

My father lived another 15 years after his heartattack. We truely were blessed that he had more work to do here.

My dad was my bestfriend and when he passed I was devastated. But this was one of the stories he shared with me that meant the most.

When Randy died, this story is what came back to me to give me the most comfort at his untimely death. I miss him so but I also know he is in a much better place.

When my mother passed this past April and I had the chance to talk to her, it is what I reminder of as she was dying. I told her it was time and dad was waiting for her. She passed shortly there after.

I am glad you found comfort from my sharing.

Peace be with you all as we continue to pray for each other.


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