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gotta run

cindi o'h

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pulm rehab starts today in about an hour...was supposed to be Tues. but R.A. was so bad could barely walk.

Have a breast biopsy tomorrow.. they found a 2cm thing with irregular borders on my ER CT scan from about a month ago.. I have been in total denial about it. ER doc called me at home last week to see if I followed up...(sweet)

It didn't read on my CT scan from Nov. 1, so I told the ER doc they were wrong. When I finally called the onc to really see, He said, oh yeah, it IS there... better follow up on it.. good news though, it showed on the CT, but not the PET..

I will see my breast surgeon in the morning.. she is cool. Last time I saw her I was worried about this change in my breasts... she said "oh...you're just getting old!" I loved it..

They usta be purdy. Now they are a waste of time..and a worry.

Have fun while I am gone and be good..

love, Cindi o'h!

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I just know the biopsy will come out clean. You've been through enough. I still can't believe the ER doctor called you back. That was beyond "sweet"!

Now don't forget that we are here for you as much as you have been here for us. Don't keep these things locked up to yourself, but I understand not wanting to say anything, kinda makes it real when we "type" it out loud!

Keep us posted,


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Dear Aunt Cindi,

My mom has the lumpy/bumpy boobs and has had a bunch of biopsies and other stuff. Everytime she is scared to death and everytime everything is fine...they better be so she can keep the resatuarant open for me. Really, you have been through a lot of junk, I know that this one is going to be just fine.

She says that she is excited you will be starting rehab and that you are in here prayers. By the way, this is the first time I have posted anything on the internet....I think dating will be next project, although gotta meet a guy who likes girls in diapers (that is a discussion for another day.)


Your 17 day old friend Caroline

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