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Results of my 6 Months Scans


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I got the results of my 6 month scans today. I had a brain ct and a chest ct. The brain ct was fine. The chest ct showed a "7 mm subpleural abnormality" on my right middle lobe that was not present before. My surgeon was not at all concerned about it, but I must admit it does trouble me. The IMPRESSION was: "Relatively stable appearing CT when compared to last CT of 10/4/05.

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You know, EVERY followup I have has had SOMETHING that the doctor and I needed to discuss and go over. The first couple of times I borrowed trouble and fussed excessively. If you have confidence in your doctor, as I do mine, you will take the report as GOOD news and try not to concern yourself. That is my approach now. If the doc ain't worried....me neither!!!!

Easier said than done, I know. This is GOOD news, Carol. Enjoy it.



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Carol, I know exactly what you are saying. I was in your same shoes. It takes awhile to get comfortable with the language that the radiologists use on our CT scans.

Every CT scan of mine that I have had for 3+ years, it sounds as if the sky is falling. At first I listened and agreed that the sky was falling. I have learned to listen to the onc. about his evaluation of the scan and trust when he says there is nothing there.

Even now, when he says there is something there, I say bullsh**! When the ER says there is something there I say bullsh**. I have learned to trust ME over this time. There is something inside that tells me when something is up or not.

So far, this voice has been pretty clued and smarter than some of the most educated.

Helps to detatch emotionally from the words of the scan and look at things objectively.

ps. I am tired of declaring foul on this onc. Time for a change. I will try a different one come Feb. It is important that we are in agreement. And if we are not, then someone has some 'splaining to do. And if he is not ready to explain, then off I go to another one who will.

( I have had some strange experiences with this onc., I must say)

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Thank you all so very much for your advice. I am going to get not only a second opion but also a third. My surgeon is going to have the chief of radiology here at Kaiser examine my film and the report. When he comes up with his answer. I am going to have my oncologist and my radiology oncologist examine the film and report also.

The problem is that it says in one place:"There is a small subpleural abnormality in the lateral segment of the right middle lobe on image #29, measuring 7mm on lung window setting that was not present on the previous examination and is of some concern".

In another place it says:The abnormalty in the right middle lobe is also present and relatively unchanged in appearance since 10/4/05, as seen on images #28 and #29 of the most recent previous study.

IMPRESSION: "Relatively stable appearing CT when compared to 10/4/05."

My October 4th scan says: A small patch of opacity at the superior segment of the right lower lobe is seen peripherally, not definitely present on prior exam. It is ill-defined in appearance and may represent postoperative or posttreatment change. This should be followed on subsequent studies.

These reports were written by two different radiologists.

When I was first diagnosed my HMO sent me to an oncologist outside of their network because they were just filled to the brim with patients. That contract expired at the end of the year. I will now see the HMO oncologist. I will take the report that I get back to my first oncologist for a second opinion and also to my radiation oncologist who is also outside of the HMO network.

I am one scared Carol

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Thank you all for your concern and prayers. The Chief of Radiology at Kaiser went over my films and assured me that nothing new shows on the scans to be concerned about. He said that what is there is most likely scar tissue, and that there is nothing new there since my last scan in October. I truly thank God. More time and attention needs to be given to writing ct scan reports that are not contradictory and confusing.


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Hi Carolhg,

I wanted to mention that the radiation burn area inside the chest can continue to grow/change shape for a long time after treatments stop. This change could be what the scan is picking up.

I wish that the good people who read my scans will get LC someday too, so they can understand what it feels like to get a "doom and gloom" report from radiology just because someone is trying to cover their butt. HA. Barb

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