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New To The Site - My Mom Diagnosed with SCLC


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Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry we have to meet under these kind of circumstances. Yesterday my mom was diagnosed with SCLC of the left lung. She will be undergoing a PET Scan today to see if a spot on her kidney has also been affected.

This whole rollercoaster ride started this past Friday and already this is consuming all of our lives. We had so much hope that it was something else but the more test results came back the more we knew the news was not going to be good.

She has has several scans (bone, stomach, brain) all showing NED. So far the only other area that might be affected is her kidney.. but we will know for sure after the PET scan.

My mom is only 53 years old and in no way ready to leave this earth yet. I know her fight is just starting and I'll support her through all of it.

I'm due to deliver my 2nd child.. my mom's 3rd grandchild in June. Her 4th grandchild is due in July of this year. We have so much to look forward to but this has thrown us all.

I have already posted/introduced myself on the SCLC board but I also wanted to introduce myself here as well. Thank you so much for the responses already and the private messages. This seems like a very supportive and informative board. Thank you for being here so I can share this difficult journey with you.


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Hi Paula.

Wow do I know what your feeling. The rollercoaster you have gotten onto will settle down over the next few weeks. As soon as treatment starts, its like all of a sudden your chest loosens just a bit so you can take a breath and just knowing chemo is flowing will help.

Don't be brave and if you find yourself overwhelmed, get on some anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds so you can continue to take care of yourself as well.

sometimes this journey is very long. Unfortunately mine few times already were not.

take care of yourself and make sure your mom puts on weight now cause chemo may make her loose it.

weight helps with chemo side effects. the more the better it seems.


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Paula, I am sorry to hear your mother has sclc but you are in the right place for support and information.I also have sclc w/brain mets and I am 50 Dx 8/3/05 Today I have one sm lesion in the brain left and the tumor in the lung is gone.No matter what the Dr.'s say treat it aggressively.She is young and has a good chance. Judy369

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Hi Paula,

I am sorry, I thought I welcomed you on the other site, but I see that I didn't.

So sorry about your moms diagnosis. It really does throw you a curve when everything seems to be going so right. But you will get through this.

You moms test seems to be pretty positive so far for all the NED areas. I pray this last test is also good news for that spot on her kidney.

Once she starts on a treatment, you all will feel so much better. Keep a positive attitude. There are many people on here with SCLC and are doing great.

Please keep us posted.

Maryanne :wink:

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Paula -

Congrats on your baby! I hope that the cancer is contained to the one lung and that agrressive chemo can knock it out....On the baby front, I too was about 4 months pregnant when my mom was diagnosed - I am proof that a beautiful, happy and healthy baby can come out of the most stressful situation.

Please keep us posted and know that many, many people will be here for you whenenevr you need support or input.



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Welcome Paula! I'm sorry you are joining us on this rollercoaster ride. It's not a fun ride, and it's anything but boring. In fact it can sometimes be overwhelming. So please try to remember to take time out every now and then to refresh your mind and body so that you can continue to be a strength and support to your mom.

From the sounds of your recent scans, it sounds hopeful that this may be contained. I will say prayers for your mom that this be the case and they can knock it right out. SCLC does respond very well to chemo, so please hold onto hope. Your mom is young and strong, and she can beat this.

And please visit us and let us help any way we can. There is lots of information here, lots of love and support, and someone to listen when you just need to vent and let it all out. There are also lots of prayers here, and people to really rejoice with you on those good moments. From the first time we meet and let you into our hearts, we really do care, and we will be looking for more posts on her progress.

God bless you and keep you and your family close, safe and warm as you go through this dark time.


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Hi Paula,

I am sorry about your mom.I am 50 with sclc/mets to the brain.It is a hard thing and treatment can be rough but well worth it.With her age and if she is in good general health they can treat it aggressively.It,s not a death sentence no matter what the Dr's say.Some of us make it!I was DX aug 2005 and today is 6 months for me.I am doing well with only one brain met. left and if it is still there the 15th when I have my next Mri we will treat it with Gamma Knife.Learn all you can about sclc and stay on top of the Dr's.A lot of the Cancer web sites will scare you to death with there 6 to 12 month life spand so skip that part.Read this board and you will find people that are still alive way pass that.Only God can tell me when it's time.I have two daugthers,4 grandghildren and 2 greatgrand children.Another grand child due in March.I have been blessed and I am not ready to leave this earth either.Please tell your mom to fight this monster and set her mind that it will not beat her.Postive thinking goes a long way. Judy

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