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Randy's wonderful brother has gone into the light


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Randy's older brother Steve found out on Tuesday that he had colon cancer. They did the surgery yesterday to remove the tumor and everything was going well. When I talked to Steve last, he was in good spirits and very optomistic that this would be fine and he would be back to work soon.

Well, I got a call early this evening and Steve passed away this afternoon.

Steve was the kind of man that you admire. He was a wonderful brother, a super husband, the best dad and grandfather you would want to have in your life. When Randy died, Steve and his wife were here the next day to mourn with us and share stories of their youth. Last September I got to visit with them on a trip to Washington, and Steve gave his blessings for Mike and I. He said Randy would want me to be happy and Steve though Mike was the one for me.

I am just in shock. Steve and Randy looked so much alike. They were the best of brothers. Their love for each other was always there.

I am sure the light was bright and Steve went into it knowing he would be with our Lord and his family again. I can see him and Randy meeting again and what joy that must be for both of them.

Please say a prayer for Steve's wife, children, grandchildren, his Mother, and his sisters and brothers who are hurting so badly right now.

I really hate cancer.

Prayers for all of us.

Much love,


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Shirley -

I am so sorry for the loss of Randy's brother...and for all the pain which must resurface for you. The two of them are probably together having a great time. :)

Prayers for all of you that you feel God's peace and security through this difficult time.


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Oh Shirley....I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your BIL. I know how many memories of losing Randy this must bring back to you. I will remember his family in my prayers.

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