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Just checkin in-5 yrs this month

Cindy RN

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Happy 5th Anniversary to my friend who helped me with going bald in a seriously neat way a few years ago! Do you remember, Cindy? We took our respective seats outside on the back patio and ran our fingers through the huge clumps of hair blowing away in the breezes! Next to NO cleanup inside the house. Between my dog-Houdini-shedding, and me it was quite a site to see...Houdini the Red Head, and my long strands of dark charcoal gray. YOU made it a good day, Cindy. And I thank you.

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So sorry about the blue February, but now it is March and hopefully things are looking brighter!

Many, many, many congratulations on your 5-year status! Incredible! Hope that you celebrated it to the max.

Thinking of you fondly.

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