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MIA for months..sorry


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I am close to Milwaukee.

One of my nieces is at Marquette.

I go up the to visit sometimes and there is a great, though stupid store called Scientific something that sells the best junk.......the BEST junk.

I remember you and hope you are well.

Since you were here my husband, Brian, died. I am sticking around.



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Thanks all! It is good to be back. I feel so bad about not being on in so long. Like I let Mom down, but I had a hard time in AZ for many reasons.. so I just needed some time to myself..Tonight I am sooooo sad about Fay...She used to write to my personal email and helped me so much when Mom died... I hope she knows I cared (a lot). :cry:

I will be on from now on..

I am working in Milwaukee and loving the good cold weather and the cheese...

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Welcome back Stephanie!

Don't feel bad about being away for awhile. You had to do what you needed for your own health and sanity. We all understand that. And I think Fay understood that as well. She was a very empathetic and understanding woman. I am also sure she knows fully how much you care about her. She is in a place now where there are no secrets and all things are revealed.

Also, Welcome to Milwaukee!!! I was born and raised in Milwaukee. I now live about 20 miles out of town in Mukwonago, but I still work in Milwaukee. If you ever want to talk, or grab a drink drop me a line at carleen@abrp.com.

I am so glad to see you back here.


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