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Prayer request


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Hey Everyone,

I know I haven't been around much lately, but please know that I am reading the boards and praying for all of you daily.

The last couple of months have been a bit difficult. Between going through my own grief for my Mom and seeing all of the losses here, it just leaves me speechless.

At times I feel as though I don't belong here, like I got here too late, (for my Mom) and at the same time, I feel like I know so many of you. Right now, I just could use all of the support I can get.

I started feeling some pelvic pressure a few months ago. I really thought it was hemrrhoids and tried to treat it but that wasn't working. It really felt like my insides were coming out. So I called to get an appt with a Gyn and they told me I would be placed on a waiting list for when the next schedules came out. ok.... After waiting and waiting and experiencing more pressure and pain I called and told them to get me in with anybody. They did, a PA, and after examining me he wanted me to have an ultra sound and blood work. He thought I had an enlarged uterus or fibroid tumors. From seeing him, they managed to "get me in" with a gyn. My appt with her was yesterday. She told me that my ultra sound was normal then examined me very throughly. After the exam she told me that my problem was not gyn related and there is a mass on the lower left side of my abdomen. I went for a Ct this morning.

When she said a "mass" my heart dropped. The last time I heard about a mass, was when my Mom was dx. I so wish she was here with me! I miss her so much!

So, if you have an extra minute, please say a prayer for me, I would really appreciate it.



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I'll be praying for you Patty.

I know how scared you must be. Hearing those words can take you right back to the original fear you've known and fought with your mom. I pray that this is not that kind of battle, but something that is not serious and easily cured.

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Patty -

When do you get results? Praying for peace of mind between now and then. As you know - but I will say it anyway -- this "mass" could be a zillion of different things which are ALL manageable. Take a deep breath....

Thinking of you,


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I know you are frightened, that is a normal reaction and its okay to be scared.... but, its really important that you keep thinking positive.... I will be praying for you and waiting to hear of your results.... hang tough and we will be right here for you. Love, Sharon

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