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Getting to Know You - March 29


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I bottom out, boom, big thud. But I pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again. I hate to be unhappy. Somehow I have learned to move unhappy stuff to the back of my mind someplace. Someday you may find me in a big puddle of gloom and doom.

Notice I have used boom, doom and gloom in this post. Must be my day for oom sounds.

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it would depend on the level of the event and my involvment in said event.

If I am "disappointed" in the way I performed or handled a situation, then I get

angry with myself and will work harder to improve.

If I have little to do with the outcome, no reason to be

down about something you can not control.

(like the Tennessee Women's basketball team loosing) :(

So I would say I am a bounce back person

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I land with a thud but then get up and start bouncing. Sometimes, it tales longer for the bounce to begin but I do manage to get over it and move on. with my job and my boss, it seems like I have to do this every day...lol!


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If the thuds left a mark, I would be blak and

blue, but the bounces must removed them,

so I keep bouncing back at a different speed

for different disappointments.

Don't know if I make sense for others, but

I do understand what I want to say.



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