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pretty good news I think


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Hello friends,

I just got back from the oncologist's office and got my results back from CT scan. The report reads:

1. Area of RIGHT Upper Lobe has improved since previous examination.

2. Stable Nodule within Left Upper Lobe (Did not light up on previous PET Scan- Doctor just watching)

3. No Significant change in Precarinal Lymph Node

4. Possible Two Subcentimeter Lymph Nodes witin the Mesentery which were not imaged on the prior examination (Doctor didn't feel these were mets. Report states- small lymph nodes versus volume averaging with vessels.)

5. Normal pelvis

Doctor said this is "a good report" and "what we had hoped for in 6 weeks." I will need to contact my surgeon to proceed with surgery. I should feel better about the results, but am scared still. I was given a shot of arsenap (SP) to boost my iron. I am just so tired. Anyone know how long the shot takes to do the trick?


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They say arenesp takes up to 10 days to truely help your B/C's. Dad's been on it for a few months and it keeps his blood counts at borderline. He has chemo-induced anemia. You can ask your Onc. about taking a high potency multi-vitamin and even take SLOW-FE iron supplements. They helped my dad ALOT.

Although, now, with the radiation on TOP of the chemo- he's more tired and more weak than ever.

Hang in there strong lady, you will begin to feel stronger soon. Your young and strong and have a great supportive guy by your side to help you along the way.

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