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Qudos to you all


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March 30th was a very strange day for me, roles were reversed and I was amazed at the difference.

Today I was the onlooker and my husband was the cancer patient.

With my cancer, Richard was my rock and the voice of reason during dr visits. Today however, I sat back and listened as my always calm and together husband sounded just as confused and uptight as I was 4 years ago. He misquoted some dates and told the dr that we'd been married 31 years - this was only after he thought about it and it's really 35 years.

He gave a very long narrative for an answer where he would normally have used 3 words. It was all so totally out of character for him and very similar to my past behavior. He was a nervous wreck and I was the coherant one.

I knew from experience that the caregiver was very important to a patient but today I got a taste of just how much you all help your loved ones. I looked around the waiting room and noticed the caregivers not the patients. I don't put myself in this category just yet, Richard is very well and needed nothing more from me today than emotional support (and a little memory prodding!).

If things go as expected my caregiver role will be shortlived and hopefully not too arduous, I give everyone of you my admiration and respect for what you do (or did) everyday without complaint, I'll include my husband in this as he took such good care of me.

These are just my thoughts about all you great people who make life so much easier for the patients who depend on you.

As a former patient, Thank you.


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It is not easy to be te caregiver but it is harder to be the patient I think. So sorry for what you folks are going through but saying praayer and am confident about outcome. Will be great you know?! Prayers to you

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Thank you Geri,

You have a rare perspective to have seen both sides of cancer now. It's unfortunate that you have had to face this cancer beast twice, but the knowledge, grace, and gratitude that you are being gifted with is truly a blessing.

I know that my husband feels a lot of guilt for all he presumes he is putting me through. And I'm sure other patients probably feel that way about their caregivers. Now, you can tell them from experience that there is no guilt needed because the gift of love and giving we receive in the helping is our reward.

Being the caregiver is no easy task. Neither is being the patient, they both suck, but we do what we have to.

Much love and prayers being sent for you and your hubby.

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