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Apple Cider Vinegar promotes weight loss


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THis is my second day and I am actually starting to crave it. What's wrong with me?? Anyway, we will see how it goes. My BIL's dad has taken a teaspoon a day of ACV and honey almost all of his life. He is 83 and never been in the hospital.



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ok, day 6, i don't mind the taste anymore. I have a little bit of heart burn but it goes away quickly.

I have not lost any weight yet but maybe I have not been on it long enough either.

I have not taken it with honey. I just hate honey.

I am going this weekend to get the coconut oil and add it to it and see how that goes.

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Shelly....I have to admit that I didn't get to stop at the health food store and get my ACV. We had a slight emergency with our Tanner dog and I had to get right home. I do plan on going at lunch time and stocking up. If I remember correctly, it did take a couple of weeks for my friends weight loss to begin.

Are you dieting in conjunction with taking the ACV?

I am so excited about having a plan that several of us are trying. Almost like our own little WW group. I think we need a name. Any ideas?????

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that is a good link, Jackie.

I think I might have to join The Cyber Ciderers too.

Looks like it is good for whatever ails you.

I was somewhat discouraged reading all who have used it these past 3,000 years. From the ancient Greeks to Christopher Columbus. I thought about it for a bit and realized that they are all dead. hmmmmmmm

Oh well.

Cindi o'h

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Jackie...The link works. I'm so excited after reading this. If I get on a regular regime of ACV, I should have beautiful fingernail, no tooth decay, no arthritis pains....and clean windows if I wash them with ACV. I can also rub it on or drink it up! I'm happy to just settle for the weight loss part, although all the other benefits seem really good. Hey, I believe some of these old time remedies are the best things. Shelly...everything I have read refers to slow weight loss, so don't you dare get

discouraged. Sometime, weight takes a while to start going away and then it really takes off. Then it seems to hit a plateau and we have to get it started all over again. Thought I'd share a little bit from JC's link.....


There are a number of reasons why a person is assailed with excessive fat deposits. This is apparent in both sexes and cannot, from professional data, be attributed to any one major factor. Obesity, often eventuates from the excessive intake of alcohol, thereby causing water retention in the tissues. This is often apparent by the 'swollen' appearance of the face. There are also certain drugs which are apt to cause obesity and thus the body increases in weight. Overeating, insufficient oxidation of the blood, insufficient exercise, lack of fresh air etc, are also attributed to this ailment. However, Cyril Scott mentions in his booklet on cider vinegar that the prime cause of obesity is the insufficient oxidation of the blood, he goes on to say, "Now the safe and salubrious treatment, proved over years of trial, is to be found in nothing more complicated than cider vinegar - the reason being, as already implied, that the ailment is conductive to the proper oxidation of the blood." Two teaspoons of cider vinegar should be taken in a glassful of water on rising in the morning. To obtain the best results possible this should be taken before each meal and during the day over a period of some time. Natural methods always take longer to work, as the body has to adapt itself, especially the skin in this instance, as if too much weight is lost in a short period of time, then it will hang and look unsightly. The drink should be sipped during the course of the meal which will also prevent overeating and it will promote digestion. According to some authorities, the average weight reduction is 1.5 Ibs. a week. This all depends upon whether the diet has been adjusted. Salt should be discontinued immediately as this harmful commodity retains water - herbal beverages such as comfrey should take the place of tea and coffee. Wholesome, nutritious and MODERATION is the key to weightless, together with deep breathing and physical exercise.

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Thanks for the great links Jackie. I had no idea that ACV (and vinegar in general) could do so much. That's what's great about "old home remedies" -- they work, but they have fallen out of mainstream attention over time, probably because they aren't money-makers for the marketplace (like drug manufacturers) and they aren't "quick fixes" in these times of an "I want it now" attitude.

I started the ACV yesterday (took it straight); today, going to do the ACV/water/honey mix -- didn't find the straight taste so bad yesterday that I couldn't handle a few more gulps. I'm sort of sneaking up on this after the taste advertisements in here......

Talked with my massage therapist yesterday about this and she knew all about it -- got away from doing it herself and then forgot about the benefits: after our discussion yesterday, now she is going to start back on it!!! (I think you've started something here that's getting contagious :wink: )

One more thing: for Bragg, do you refrigerate the bottle after opening? My therapist couldn't find any instruction on her bottle (and she has one of hers opened and it has been sitting around for several months at least now), but my health food store brand says to do that?????


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I started yesterday. This is good - but then again, I am one to drink the salad dressing out of the bowl when I am done with the salad and oh, I like to drink pickle juice too. 8)

I am doing a tablespoon at a time - how much are you suppose to take? Thanks Shellie.

Nancy B

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Okay, first time I saw this thread. Now you really have my curiosity up here. I have high cholestrial, blood pressure, sugar and I weigh more than I ever did. Going through a bit of depression here.

I have to try this. Tell me exactly where to buy this and how much to take. If you take it with honey how much honey?

Shelley, where are you, need you imput after 2 weeks.

Had ice cream b-day cake last night, felt guilty when I took a 2nd piece :shock: If I had the ACV I would have taken that before.

Everyone let me know your successess.

Maryanne :wink:

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There is a link in this thread to the makers of the Bragg ACV folks have been talking about in here -- I am sure it can be ordered on-line if you can't find it locally. I actually found it at my local grocery store in the organic foods section; I found another brand that I am currently using at my local health food store (I was sure to get it as organic and with "the mother" as was discussed as important in other links in this thread).

The directions on the Bragg bottle say to mix 1-2 teaspoons in an 8oz. glass of (purified) water and consume that 3 times a day. It is optional to add 1-2 teaspoons of honey or 100% maple syrup or blackstrap molasses or 4 drops of some herb I never heard of (Stevia) -- that's on the bottle.

I have been more following the once a day thing in the morning with a tablespoon or two of the stuff -- at first I took it straight from the spoon (was OK, but bitey). When mixed in the water with honey, it's pretty smooth and tastes good to me -- the honey does away with the vinegar bite and is supposed to have good properties about it too.

I haven't been on it long enough to report results yet myself -- I think we'll just have to see what happens as we experiment with this long-time home health tip.

Hope this helps,


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Shelly... How many times are you taking the ACV? Are you doing any other dieting besides taking the vinegar? Have you noticed any other affects from taking the ACV? I know you once mentioned an increased energy level. Is that still happening or was it just at the beginning? Thanks for the info.

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