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Roger C

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I was wondering if anyone had any tips on easing the pain in the esophagus. I am going through Rads & chemo and the pain when eating is horrible. I AM eating but every bite is like eating glass. I have potronix, tried maloxx and a few other things to no success. I thought maybe somebody here would have some tips. Thanks for listening.

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I had the magic combo including maalox and benadryl and something else. Someone here will know. HOWEVER, it didn't work all that great for me. I found milkshakes were about the only thing that went down anywhere near okay. I was lucky..........didn't last REAL long, Roger. Good luck with it!


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Hi Roger.

I remember. I had the same thing. It gets worse and worse toward the end of treatment. You should be finished with your treatments soon? If so, as soon as you are done, the next day is easier. And within about three days of the end of treatment, things feel almost back to normal... (not really, but they do feel a whole lot better and manageable).

Hang in there...you are almost done!

I avoided temperatures----hot/cold. Room temp. only.

I avoided dry---rice, crackers

Cindi o'h

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Ask your doctor for Magic Mouthwash. It doesn't taste all that great but it does help. Also when I was in the hospital after surgery, I got a GI Coctail. This may be what Kasey is talking about. I know it had Mallox and Benedril in it. It did wonders for me but not sure if you can get it mixed at pharmacy or if only at hospital.

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I used Chloraseptic throat spray and it helped to numb my throat. Doing the same thing that the Magic Mouthwash does. :wink: Roger, you may have to eat soft foods for a while. You'll just have to do the try and see what works for you game. Most of us have done that, but it's always different for everyone. :roll::wink:

Good luck, just keep in mind, this to shall pass. :wink:

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Chloraseptic is good too, but it has phenol in it, which is actually carbolic acid, numbs the cough centers and whatever else.

The mom's mouthwash has stuff in it that's supposed to help your mouth heal too.

From my oncologist:

I hope this helps. It helped me an AWFUL lot, because also on and off I had thrush, which made for really bad mouth sores.

My oncologist prescribed this for me when I had difficulty eating post

chemo and radiation:

Directions: swish and spit about 1 spoonful (fifteen mls) every 30 minutes as needed, esp before

eating. (you can swallow a little bit)

Mouth rinse:

25 cc of liquid Benadryl, 25 mg/cc stock solution

25 cc of Maalox

25 cc of lidocaine, viscous, 2% solution

25 cc of nystatin liquid.


There is also a premix similar to the above available in the Wash DC

area by prescription called Gel-claire, but the nurse had no firsthand

knowledge of it.

Warmest Regards,


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I drank a shot (really, a shot glass) of pure aloe vera extract to soothe my throat. The brand was George's. The next week, I drank a shot of aloe followed by a dose of Carafat. THAT is some nasty crap, but it worked for a while and then I had the pain until the next dose. I thought it would all stop when the radiation stopped, but I was wrong. It got worse before it got better - and it got better gradually.

My suggestion would be to avoid any thin liquid. Seems the throat takes a bigger gulp of thin liquids where a thicker mush kinda oozes down the throat. I enjoyed Double Stuf Oreos at 70 calories a cookie, but could not stand a milk chaser. Small is the key, but if it hurts no matter what, go for the big and get it over with quick (like pulling off a Band-Aid - the quick rip is over fast or the slow pull to try to save the arm hairs...).

I wish you well, it's no fun, but if it all works out in the end, it's so worth it.



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My husband went through the same agnoy you are going

through. The magic mouthwash did work some, but not

always. Alan ate soft warm foods. Not too hot or cold.

It does eventually get better. I am sorry you are

going through this and I pray you get relief.

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Thank you all for the responses, it is greatly appreciated. I saw the Dr. this morning and mention that Magic mouth wash. He said most people try it once and never use it again, but he gave me a script for it. I'll give it a try, nothing to loose. Thanks.

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