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Off to the races!!

David P

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Hi everybody.

I should be in bed, but I just finished packing. I was planning to join the CHAT on Wed, but I'm so computer illiterate I couldn't find it! And I've been so busy getting ready for the race, fundraising, and giving interviews

that I can hardly wait to start the race so I can get away from it all (for at least 24hrs).

On the official race questionaire there was a question asking if I was going to take anything of sentimental value, or a lucky something with me during the race. I told them I would be riding with a lot of special people on my mind (you guys). Now, I was planning to put a small sticker on my handlebars that said, "GEAR UP", to remind me to switch to a higher, harder gear after reaching the top of a hill (most riders stay in the easier gear for a bit in order to recover). Well, I think I'm going to add three other small stickers to my handlebars: I have already told Katie that the second sticker will say, "JESSEE", because he inspires me and has the fighting spirit I need this weekend; the third sticker will say, "LCSC", because you are all like a second family to me, and the fourth sticker will say, "CONNIE B.", just because it will.

Wish me luck. I know that in the twentieth hour I will most definitely feel the energy coming from all of your good wishes. Thanks everyone, and take care.

David P.

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Wishing you all the "LUCK" in the world. You are such an inspiration to all of us, you and Connie B. We need both of you so much, you both give all of us "HOPE". We are all fighting and "Never say Never"...... We are not quitters and will continue to fight. Thank you so much.

Stay safe and praying for the win and a "CURE".........

God Bless



Dx'd 3-03, 3a-b, NSC

Radiation 3-25-03 - 5-15-03

Taxol/carbo 4-01-03 - 5-20-03

Start Taxol/carbo 7-23-03 (3 week cycles)

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The suspense is incredible.... Wish our television stations would broadcast the interviews at the very least! You would think that with all of those satellite channels one of them would have picked up your race, David.

Looking forward to hearing from you...

Fay A.

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