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Tomorrow's My First Pet Scan


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Hello Everyone,

Well, tomorrow is the day of my first PET scan. I'm scared but also anxious to get going. Won't have any news until Friday when I see the surgeon for the first time. The anxiety is overwhelming. These past two weeks seem like an eternity. If I use the pm button to respond to any one of you directly will you get my message or do I need to do something special? I'm still trying to find my way around the site. Thanks again to everyone for being out there. You all seem like an incredible bunch of folks. Hugs and prayers to all of you.


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Hi Lori....don't be afraid of the PET...it is not bad...just time consuming...and the last time I had mine...I didn't know the taller you are the longer it takes...glad I'm only 5'2...ha...Good luck on the Pet...good that you are getting started...Let us know how it goes...and to PM just hit the PM button and it will go to that person....take care...PamS.

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Good luck with your scan.

As everyone has said the scan part is painless and easy. I just get restless from trying to lay still for a long time.

The HARD part is the waiting after... For me the waiting is by far the most painful!! I had mine done the day after christmas and my doc called me on New Years day. The activity of the holiday helped keep my mind off things.

prayers for good results.

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