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RandyW's father


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My Dad is diabetic and has lost use of knees. Can barely stand for 5-10 minutes w/o pain He has Ortho, Dentist and 6 other drs. right now for various ailments and conditions. Heart feet Knees teeth Hematology Gastro Family Drs. On wednesday morning He went in for routine knee surgery for right knee first. Cleared by all drs. at same time amazingly enough. Surgery went well and so did recovery. THursday at noon Mom calls and dad is in ICU unit. End stage renal disease possibly adn low blood pressure complicated by Breathing problems. GREAT HUH?! everything was fine thursday until someone possibly gave him the HAPPY BUTTON For the MORPHINE PUMP after Dr took away but did not remove machine from room. REsult was OVERDOSE OF MORPHINE Caused all these problem. 24 hour 7 different IV meds and a whole lot of praying Thank you everybody from the bottom of my heart, The only thing we have to do to get intubate tube out is get him to improve breathing with no PAIN Meds. 40% FOR 15 Minutes today. kidneys pouring out fluid 1000 units just today. and all other numbers look great. Might get tube out tomorrow if breathing will improve. Mom and I THANK EACH AND EVERY PERSON PRAYING FOR RALPHIE (DAD).

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All glory and thanks be to God.

Randy, I am so happy your dad seems to be doing better and will soon have the tube out and be on the mend. Prayers are still continuing and he will remain in my prayers. He seems to have so much he is going through.

Love Much


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