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Hospice, what to expect

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I went to see my dad this past weekend. He has become to tired to stay awake longer than a few minutes and food is now making him sick. I was there for three days and he was awake for fifteen minutes of the visit. This week Hospice is being called in, what can I expect from them? I am going back to see him Friday night as soon as the kids are out of school. His stomach is swelling out because the cancer is now in his liver. He told his wife he didn't think he could hold on much longer. It's hard being four hundred miles away from him. I love my dad so much, I don't want him to die but I know time is running out. He's always been such a strong man, did everything for himself and I know he hates what he is going through. I wish miracles for all of us and our loved ones. At the very least peace.


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My Dad was in Hospice for less than a week before he passed away. Honestly, our experience with them was less than stellar. I have to agree with the person (forgot who already) above who said they sent a nurse and deliver medications. Even the medication delivery was frustrating - it would have been a lot quicker if I could have gone to the local drugstore. I really hope your Hospice experience is more positive than ours.

Prayers to you and your family.

gail p-m

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I'm horrified to read that hospice isn't doing much for Lori and her Mom and that gail p-m didn't have a good experience, either... :cry:

Hospice, for Mom, has been a God-send. Her nurse stops in a couple times a week and is never more than a phone call away at ANY time for ANYTHING. She is the go-between with Mom's doctor for her and gets any supplies delivered that she might need. (Hospital bed, walker, electric wheelchair, etc etc)

The social worked stops by once a week to sit and talk with her for as long as she needs and helps her to advocate for herself with us and to help her get things in order that she feels she needs to do (getting a video camera for her so she can make a tape). The social worker is also available to US for whatever help we might need in dealing with end-of-life issues in our extended families.

We're just getting to the stage where a home health aide will be needed and I can't imagine anything but wonderful results with that, also.

Much love and many prayers for peace and comfort (and ALWAYS that prayer for a miracle!!!)


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So sad to hear that many on this board seem to have less than stellar hospice experiences. We (very fortunately it seems) had a very good experience with hospice when Dad reached the point where there was no dening that he needed their services. He was in an inpatient facility and as missyk said "it was a Godsend" for our family. The amount of true caring that was provided by the entire hospice staff was positively amazing! Not to say that there were not times when I wished they could have or had done more ( I think we all wish that more could be done,especially at this point)...but overall simply amazing.

I think the most important thing is to get some clear expectations from the hospice you choose. Make sure that they will be able to provide (and are able to do so in a timely manner)specific services that you find necessary for your Dad and your family in general.

I pray that your family is blessed with a "god send" hospice experience and that you have some time and opportunity to make some last memories.

Peace and God's blessings to you all!


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Our hospice expereinec was amazing. In fact one of my mom's nurses is flying out to see me tomorrow...we all became so close. I pray that yours is as positive and fulfilling for your dad...it can make such a positive difference.



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Hospice has been good for us thus far. A nurse comes out at least 2-3 times a week, and a home health nurse comes out every day to help us bathe and dress my father. We also called our nurse last night, and she came out within 30 minutes to answer some questions. We have 24 hour access to our nurse. I don't have many complaints. I'm sorry you're going through this.

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Guest kathleen

We have Mom on Hospice now and they are amazing. They are coming in twice a day now to help get Mom up and to bed each night. They return calls immediately and have brought more helpful items to the house within the day of us asking. They are very supportive too. The only bad experience we had was with the admissions nurse but we never have to see her again!! Hang in there, our prayers are with you.


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Our experience with Hospice was wonderful as others posted.. a godsend !! Our nurse came 2-3 times a week sometimes more as well as the social worker. All meds and hospital equipt was here within 24hrs if not sooner. Phone calls also inbetween visits.

I called them late at night to have my husband catheried they were here within 30 min driving in from 15 miles away.

As with any medical team there are good ones and bad. If your not happy with the one you have seek out another hospice team in your area or get referrals from other patients.

On the last day my husband lived hospice nurse was here with me most of the day they even took care of the arrangements when it was time for the funeral home to pick him up. My husband never was in pain in any way during the 3 mos he had them. I for one highly recommend Hospice to all that need it.

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I'm glad to read most of you had positive experiences with hospice.

Just today my mothers oncologist, my father, and I set up hospice for my mom. She was upset when she found out b/c she feels like it's giving up. However her pain is so intense and she doesn't have the strength to even get around. I have so much anxiety now that everything will happen quickly. We have already experienced a close call, but to see this happen over again....

*sigh* *deep breath*

Wish all of you well.

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