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1st School Days- Updated!!


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I had no idea where to put this post, so I ended up here, as always :wink:.

Just wanted to share that today was my son's first day of second grade, another milestone for me. When I first found out that I had cancer, I just hoped that I would make it to his first day of pre-k. So, not only did I make it to his first day of pre-k, I made it to the first day of kindergarten, 1st grade, and now 2nd grade (but who's counting?).

Just a side note- we almost didn't make it through today. It was his first time ever, riding the school bus home and the bus never came. His father is supposed to pick him up every day and I was home with a cold, his father called to tell me the bus didn't show nor did Eric. So I'm up and out of my bed, immediately in my General Patton mode, told his father not to move from the stop, and I'm driving to the school which is not even 5 minutes away. I trace the bus route-no bus. Long story short, I end up in the office with about 3 teachers and secretaries there and the principal who to me, are a little bit too laid back about this whole incident. The bus is missing, its 25 minutes late by now. By this time I am in my Cousin Vinnie, NY Debi mode. The principal is telling me- "Don't you worry, we have never lost a child" and I'm giving him my ice glare, and asking, "Is that supposed to make me feel better?" (this said twice of course, with the second time slightly louder and higher). The secretary is on the phone with the bus driver, telling him my son's name about 10 times and I'm about to leap straight over the desk to wrestle the damn phone from her. I'm asking her, "is the bus driver an idiot?" and she's a total nervous wreck by now. Then she says to me, "oh, we have to wait a few minutes, he's on Commerce and has to pull over to call your son's name out". And I'm looking at the principal, and screaming, "COMMERCE???" What the HELL is he doing on COMMERCE???? (That is the main drag, and nowhere near the bus route.) FINALLY, after what seemed hours, the bus driver relayed that my son WAS on the bus, and he would be dropping him off in about 3 minutes. Just then, my son's father called my cell and I'm yelling in the phone, "when the bus driver gets there make sure you find out why the HELL he was across town, make sure you ask him, you better ask him". The ordeal ended with the principal promising he would get answers for me, and me promising to call him tomorrow. :twisted:

So anyway, moral of the story - I am so grateful that I am still here to go through the stress of first school days, even though I have not necessarily attained sainthood somewhere along the way. :oops::roll::lol:

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Your reaction and concern was justified. I wish I had a bit of your aggressiveness, it seems to get results. My husband would have reacted exactly like you (I am hoping he will mellow just a bit now).

Glad your son is ok and I hope the busdriver sticks to the schedule in the future.

Here's to celebrating another grade with your son! Hooray!


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I can't wait to hear what was going on either, Debi. Now having met you in person, I got a perfect mental image of you in that office. Dare say this is NEVER going to happen again. And don't make us wait to hear the story!


Oh yea................forgot.................a big congrats on ANOTHER year down. Can't wait to hear from you the year he graduates from high school!

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Hey Deb, you do know that the (secretary, bus driver, & the principal) now have a name for you?!?! :lol::lol::lol: I can't post it on the board, it will only get bleeped! :lol::lol:

TOO TOOO FUNNY (NOW)! It's NEVER FUNNY when your going through it!

My grandaughter who is the same age as your son, missed her school bus the first day of kindergarten going home. (the bus left early) :roll: Well, long story short, my Granddaughter made it on the Front Page of the Newspaper crying her heart out and three kids standing next to her trying to help. NO ADULTS were trying to help her, 3 KIDS ages 7 where trying to help her! :roll: Where's the ADULTS HERE????? :roll::evil::wink:

Gald you found your son! :wink::D

I have NO DOUBT you gave them a little hell!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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I drive a school van for learning disabled school students. ANYTIME that we are later then 15 mins. of their scheduled arrival time, we notify the parents. I call my dispatcher, they call the parents. Sometimes if I have my cell with me, and I'm at another students house, I will call the other parents myself.

You had every right to feel the way you did. If the Principal and the secretary can't understand your feelings, then they need to check out their bus policies. Stand your ground!

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Wow Deb, what a day! I think you handled it pretty well. I know I probably would have had my hands around someone's neck if it were my child. How dare that principal be so cavalier when your child is missing!!!!!

Anyway, I'm glad your son was okay, and can't wait to hear the bus driver's explanation.


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Oh those gosh darned public schools!!!! :lol:

I am glad you all survived. And yes, I like what Connie said--once we have kicked some cancer butt, look out anybody else!!!

Remember too--my little guy was 7 with my first diagnosis and we are taking him out to start his JUNIOR year of college!!!



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SO I call the school and the secretary tried to give me the Dept of Transportation phone number. I insisted on talking to the Principal since he assured me that HE was going to get to the bottom of it...which he did, once I got through to him.

Turns out the Bus people added 3 more kids, that live the other direction, out on the dreaded COMMERCE, to the bus route. It adds 11 minutes onto the route. SO the carefully constructed bus schedule that I had to peel from my clenched knuckles last evening, is wrong. Instead of getting to the bus stop at 3:26 (his stop is 3 minutes away from school!), he will be getting there at 3:55ISH. (I'm still not sure how that's 11 minutes). :evil:

Anyway, the principal says that I should consider myself lucky since they had deleted a stop, so 4 kids couldn't get off the bus when they needed to.. :shock: (I'm picturing these kids still riding around on this ghost bus).

Thanks for all your concern!!! (and gail, I always remember your story with your son - you give me hope that I will be telling a similiar one in 11 years!)

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Hey Debi,

I'm still waiting for my girls' bus schedules and they start on Tuesday. You'll luv this one, they have changed the time when school begins and ends everyday due to the fact they want to put more kids on the buses, so they can save the $ due to the high cost of gas. In my girls' school, they are lucky it will only be a five minute difference, but in some other schools, it going to be as much as 45 minutes!!!!

Well I hope my girls' have a better time at the bus then your son....


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You know what scares the hell out of me about all this? These are college educated people (Principal, Teachers) Yet, they can't seem to get there stuff together and figure out how to get these kids from home to school and back home again! :shock::shock:

Deb, you are going to be around a very long time :wink: so you can keep these educated idiots on there toes! OY VEY! :roll::wink:

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Debi...I don't know how I missed this post but apparently I did....I am LOL...not funny for sure...and I would have been a raving maniac too...but a "Vinnie" from New York was better...you

'da bomb" girl...

Glad it all worked out and you were able to know your son was on the bus...OR ELSE...LOOK OUT...wheww..I still say you missed your calling...you should have been a writer... :lol:

love ya...PamS.

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