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Not a Stellar Day


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Saw my ONC Nurse today. He said that when I had a CAT scan in August (for another bout with SOB), that the radiologist thought there was an 8mm nodule in the upper lobe of my left (only) Lung. :cry: The original scan that was done in August for the SOB was considered unusable (I had a hard time holding my breath for long, and ended up breathing) but the radiologist read it anyway and left that little note about the nodule. Now I'm worried. I have been feeling good except for almost daily headaches (He seems to think that it is tension) but being the proactive Nurse that he is I am now getting another CAT/PET Scan of the possible nodule in my lung and an MRI for my brain. ONC says I'm not presenting the way most cancer patients with brain lesions do but he'd rather be safe then sorry. I go back to see him on the 23rd. All this and now I'm turning 50 :lol: . Last year I was wondering if I was going to make it.

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Happy Big Birthday! Katie get out the black balloons. Cindi must have some kind of drink for this occasion that will cure those tension headaches and make them true hangovers. Seriously-- I hope all goes well, hang in there.

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Hey Ralph, the hell with the dreaded nodule !!!! :roll::x I say LETS PARTY and CELEBRATE YOUR 50th BIRTHDAY!! :D:D

I've had my nodule for over 4 years and now that little bugger just might be gone! :wink: It's NOT uncommon for lung cancer patients to get nodules and it's not uncommon for the nodule to just sit there and drive us NUTS! So, on that note, I am going to stay postitive and I'm going to focus on YOU TURNING the BIG 50!!! :D:D:D:wink:


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