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Nutrition play a part treatment?

beat it

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Take a look through Alternative treatments. There is great info there also. Nutrition and weight are important here. also keep in mind that if I am correct Sugar feeds cancer. Thing Green and Red Fruits and Veggies. That was Debs ONC advice.

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In my husband's case weight was and continues to be a big battle. If weight is the issue, put anything and everything in the patient's mouth. The whole sugar feeding cancer thing is a fallacy. Our onc recommended as many milk shakes as Tony could handle to help up his weight after diagnosis. Just don't go overboard on any anti-oxidant type things (green tea, etc.) as these can undercut the effectiveness of the chemo (this comes from 2 oncologists). Good nutrition is always a plus, but Tony has done quite well eating whatever he feels like.

Check with the Onc. -- he/she will let you know exactly what he/she wants for the patient.

Just my .2


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Cancer cells feed almost exclusively on sugar.

You can slow tumor growth by:

1.Eating a diet that lowers blood and gut sugar. (mainly give up refined sugars, that's the white stuff that's been bleached)

2.Exercise to burn excess glucose in the blood.

3.Taking supplements like CLA, Omega-3 Fish Oils (in the correct dosage), Juices that contain Germanium and polysaccharides, mushroom extracts, silibinin helps the liver and has been shown to cut off blood supply to tumors, complete greens in case you don't eat enough, and antioxidants will get you through chemo. The old school thoughts use to be that antioxidants interfeared with chemo and it may with some types of cancer therapy but not all. High dose Antioxidants are now used together in some chemo regimens to increase the kill ratio and build up the immune system. I think the last person to ask about nutrition is an oncologist because they have not been trained in this field. Some clinics include nutritional therapy like Cancer Centers of America and even MD Anderson has started clinical trials with nutrition therapy to enhance the chemo therapy. It has been shown also that certain supplements help flag cancer cells for better radiation treatment. Lisa used all of these supplements and more from the 'get go' with the doctors permission even though he admitted that the only thing he knew about was Vitamin C and Digestive Enzyme.

Having said all this,

'These statements have mot been evaluated by the FDA. These statements are not intended to diagnose,treat,cure,or prevent any disease.'

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I have been drinking Mt. Dew! yes! almost exclusively since diagosis. Wouldn't touch it before.

I eat white pasta, white bread, hamburgers with cheese, milk, green beans, tuna, steak, fish, chicken, cole slaw, chili, mashed potatoes n' gravy, anything and everything. I wish I could go back to my good eating habits that yielded a slimmer physique. Somehow whole grains, sans mayo, and sprouts have lost their appeal.

I love popcorn. And pizza.

I know I am going to dieter's hell when/if I ever die. Just know it.

But I think that Dr. Evil will get me first with his bomb all the way from N. Korea. Until then, I seem doomed to eating nasty, yummy foods.

Well, you asked about treatment and nutrition. Doctors will usually say eat, eat, eat. They don't want you to take any supplements without their approval. They don't seem to approve much. They want the cancer cells killed not fed.

Is there a diagnosis yet? I am kind of concerned that you are putting the cart before the horse....

Cindi o'h

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Alan is a sugar junkie, His current diet consists of

Ding Dongs, Mr. Goodbars, Milkways, chocolate Ice cream.

I do attempt to get at least one "decent" meal in him

a day, but as he also battles keeping any weight on

he is a nutritionist nightmare. Oh and even with all

that sugar, His cancer is stable and has been for over a year!!!

Keeping weight on is most important.

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Hi Beat It. I have read that cancer feeds on sugar but my Mom hasn't eaten a lot in the last 3 months. She is down to 97 lbs. Sometimes she will eat cake, fudge, chocolate and chips so I give them to her. I figure anything is better than starving to death. She will eat veggies and dip sometimes or grapes on occasion. I get her to eat as much of the veggies as I can but when she only wants junk, I give it to her. It's funny too because my Mom was never a big junk food eater.

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