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Hi everyone, I posted many months back and thought I should check in. I read this website daily and keep up with everything, but just haven't really updated anything on my mom. My mom's doing well, she is on her 8th month now and has had no new growth/spreading - so the doctor has been pretty positive. We assume the tarceva must be working since she has been off the carbo/taxol since May. We hope the tarceva works for a LONG time. She just celebrated her 55th b'day and we did a lung cancer walk in Chicago and raised over $1500 for research. She moved in with my husband and myself in July 2006. She does have her own apartment though, since we own a two flat. She is on Tarceva daily and a Zometa transfussion once a month for the rib mets that have been there since diagnosis, and she is scanned every 8 weeks. Boy - that 7th/8th week is such a rollercoaster of emotions. It's hard to beleive that this is the rest of our life - every 8 weeks, wondering - has it spread/is it worse?? I also had some good news, I'm 5 months pregnant with my mom's first (and only) grandchild, it's a girl and due in Feb 2007 (right around her 1 year cancer survivor anniversary), it was a shock to discover I was pregnant a few months ago, I was living most of the time at my mom's house and under an extreme amount of stress, so it was a (good) surprise to all of us. I will check in more often! PS - Special thanks to Hollyann for always checking in on me, she truly is a gift!

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That is great news... your going to be a mommy to a beautiful baby girl... that must have put a big smile on your moms face.

I am so glad she seems to be doing well, and I know that has a lot to do with you helping her and all the loving support you give her.

We are always here for you and I am glad you posted with an update. And a great one at that for you and your family.

Maryanne :wink:

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