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Roger C

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I haven't posted in a long time, but have been in the chats sessions. I got the results of my scans today and just had to say something. EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, is stable. No change from three months ago. Even the tumors in the kidneys haven't grown at all. He even feels the lung could be in remission but would not be able to tell unless a biopsy is done and he doesn't want to do one right now, but he is going to look at the scans and make that determination later. What even surprised me was he even talked about the possibility of lung surgery, that shocked me, because in the beginning he had said no because it had spread to chest walls. He seemed very happy with my progress and told me I responded well to the treatments. He said I looked good and even gained five pounds. As far as the kidneys go, he told me that there was a new doctor that joined the team of my urologist that does laparoscopic surgery and he was going to talk to him about my case to see if it could be done to be less evasive. I'm all for that. So for now, it's new scans in three months and if then everything is the same, he will discuss surgery at that time. I am very thankful on this Thanksgiving Eve.

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Great news, Roger. That is something to be thankful for; and since miss cindi opened the pub especially for 'ya, I'm buying you one and toasting "here's to that great news just waiting to come your way in 3 months too!" (ok, I'm the first sot to come forward....oh well, there's more of 'em out there :P )


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