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Hi - I just got here myself, welcome. I did a lot of reading before I posted. Everyone seems caring and helpfull - I hope you are as glad you found this place as I am, given your situation. We are not alone and your father is in my prayers - bless you both -

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Hi everyone,

A little about my dad..

He is 63 yrs old. Smoker up until he got sick a couple months ago. He got sick one night and had to go to the local ER. Drs found a mass on the lower part of his right lung. We then took him to a bigger hospital and he was admitted for some tests and a biopsy. Lung cancer was confirmed a couple of weeks later. He was referred to a cancer Dr. We dont know anything much else. The Dr said that it is probably stage 2 judging by its size. She wanted to order some tests to see if he is a surgery candidate, but when she found out that he had no insurance she said that she doubted the hospital would do them without him having insurance. We got the hospital to agree to do the test under a financial agreement but now the Dr wont order the tests because she is convinced that he is eligible for state aide or VA benefits. He has been turned down for both. She still willnot order the tests..So now we are back to the original Dr to see if he will give us another referral for another cancer Dr. We absolutely donot know what to do. My dad is just so worried, cannot sit still, frustrated and so scared. He has 3 kids and 7 grandsons. We try daily to come up with ideas as to what to do. Phone calls are made daily but we just get doors slammed in our faces.

Thanks for the nice welcomes,


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I put this on your other post. Just want to make sure you get this info. After reading this post, I think I would start getting the media involved or anyone else that might create enough noise to get something moving.

Here is a page on the Livestrong web site. There is information on How to pay for treatment if you are uninsured.

http://www.livestrong.org/site/c.jvKZLb ... Careem.htm

Follow the directions for info. Keep us posted.

Stay positive, :lol:


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Hello Trish and welcome

I am sorry you had reason to find a site such as this but glad you have posted and joined us.

You have gotten some good advice here and I cannot add much to it. Ask any and all the questions that will come up and know that there is always someone here that can and will offer you advice, guidance and support and hope.

My best to you


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I am praying for your father that he gets the support that he deserves. It is just unimaginable that a veteran would have to be treated in such a manner. Veterans should be treated wherever they live if that is there choice.


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There will be a way for him to get properly diagnosed and treated.

You have a really good start with the resource that Ernie provided.

Sunday is a difficult day to try to do anything via the telephone.

Make a list today of the agencies you want to contact and tomorrow get on the horn.

He needs to have a thorough workup including all the tests to determine if there are metastases.

We will try to help along the way.

Sheesh! I cannot imagine your level of frustration getting a big stop sign before your Dad even gets started.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Trish: welcome to the boards. It is a tough time for you all now, but I am glad to see that you have got some tips on where to go for help. I read somwhere on a news article, that new claims form veterans have a long waiting list uhless they are an Iraq vet. If your dad served at least 2 years as a draftee, I am sure that he qualifies for benefits. You might have to have a congressman intercede.

Don M

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Been thinking about you and your dad. How scarey this has to be. He should be getting tests and starting somekind of treatment. He he is stage II he should be eliable for an operation.

I don't understand why the VA would turn him down. Did they say why?

Please keep us posted. Hang in there something will break for your dad.


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