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Two doctors are in diagreement over what is causing my Mom's pain. One says it is probably tumors on the spinal cord and the other thinks its bone mets that are causing peices of the vertebrae to break off. Either way its terrible news. Nothing they can do. Hospice is coming to set things up in the morning. I am so upset i dont know what to do with myself. I cant imagine her not being there for my wedding, grad school graduation, having kids etc. I feel sick about this. At least they are getting her pain under control. She is on something that is not morphine. I have 2 presentations at school tomorrow and a test on Wednesday and i am having a hard time focusing. Thanks for you support everyone.


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Oh Rochelle... I'm just devestated for you.... I'm so sorry you are to this point. And so sorry that you have to make it through exams before you can get to your Mama. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and if you need someone to lean on--all of us are here, and you can always send me a PM, ok?

(((((hugs))))) to you. I'm praying that they can get the pain under control for your Mom and that you two can still have a lot of special time together.

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HI Rochelle-

Good luck getting through your tests. Has your Mom had a recent bone scan? My sister had unexplainable pain in her side/back. Bone scans were clear. We kept pushing for answers, and after an MRI of her spine, they found soft tissue masses next to the spine, which they will now zap w/ radiation.These masses are pressing on nerves. It is so hard to see people we love in pain. Keep pushing for answers.

Also, My Sister and I lost our Mom to LC when I was 15, and she was 25. Are you and your brothers sticking together? That is what got us through. Lots of luck to you and your family.

Marco Jo

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Just so sorry to hear that things have progressed and your Mom is in pain. I'm also sorry that a crisis is happening right now when you need to focus on your school work. We've had that happen in our family and somehow the kids managed to get through it okay. Once you are done, you can spend time with or talking to your Mom. Keep your chin up and know that the doctors will get her pain under control and do treatment if necessary.

Hoping for better days ahead.


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I am so sorry-last I checked she was doing well.

PLEASE keep this in mind. I know because I am on the other end just like your mom.

I want nothing but the best for my kids. I am sure she wants you to get your studies done and concentrate. I wish mine had gone onto college! She must be so proud.


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