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Haven't been around in awhile, NOW I have a question LOL

Gina D.

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Hello all. It's been so long probably none of you remember me.

I have been NED for almost 4 years now, (Guess I should change my profile!) and have been off enjoying life "after" the big slam on my body and ego.

I bought a travel trailer, and outside of work (yech), thats what I have been using to formulate the new lease on life.

I am happy to see most of you still around and doing well. I am saddened to see a few gone. :cry:

Now, for my selfish question...

I have recently had a giant blow to my treatment, or I should say, non treatment. After having a wonderful team of GP, Onc and Pulminologist established for a long time, with good check ups and rotation.. my insurance has changed! And no one on my team is on it!

My choices were to go with an HMO that has a million dollar lifetime benefit limit.. We know how far THAT will go if I recur.. or Kiaser.. :evil:

I really had no choice, not being independantly wealthy.. and I went with Kiaser.

They wanted an immediate appointment for me (They want to see what they bought into! LOL!) and I go on weds for a full battery of the tests I have been having every 3 and 6 months.

Does anyone else here have Kiaser and what can I expect from them? I have always had an image of them as "Doc in a Box" Am I worried too much?

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First of all, Congrats on 4 years and living to the fullest. Secondly though, I cnan not help with insurance and treatment info on this particular subject. Sending prayers for continued success and more NED's

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I love hearing about a "good" story.

As far as Kaiser, I have never used them, but they were an option at one company where I worked. They were very popular and I heard no complaints. That was in No California.

I also have anecdotal information on Kaiser in So California as being excellent - as long as you pick your doctors.

When I was diagnosed, I was in an HMO with the coverage limit as well as tying me to CA. I was fortunate to have sisters who own a business in NY. They hired me and now I'm covered under their insurance in FL. And the insurance is great.

I'm hopeful that no matter what Kaiser offers, you'll find it unnecessy to find new oncologist!

Best wishes for continued good health.


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Hi Gina,

It's good to see you here again, and I'm very happy to know that you're doing well. We kind of have the same time frame, so I always felt you were one of my 'sisters' in all this.

I don't know anything about Kaiser.

I just wanted to say that I'm so glad you're doing well.


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Hi Cloesmom! So Glad to hear you are doing great!

Unfortunately, I can't keep my Onc.

And boy, do I know the frustration of being tied to So. Cal. Just before DX, I had been offered a job back home in Oregon. I was just days away from putting in my notice at the company I was at for almost 18 years that made me move down here.. never liked So. Cal, but loved the company. Still do, they were wonderful in helping me thru this. The DX meant I am strapped in the smog until after that majic 5 year mark.

BUT...if putting up with LA and a fading scar are the worst I have to complain about, I really HAVE no complaint :lol:

I can find no info on the quality of Kaisers care, good or bad on the net. I was hoping we may have a member here.

The GOOD thing about them is, when I "interviewed" both companies about my treatment and options (They set up a special meeting as they knew I had a pretty special need, once again, great company I work for) kaiser will allow me the option of switching to an Oregon facility if I recur without cost or penalty. This is important as my support system is in Oregon. I have no one down here that can help if I have to be treated.

The other HMO was just not an option! To keep my "team", I would have had to switch to a PPO, and at a 70/30 plan, that is just to much for my checkbook. I had a PPO for my cervical cancer, and ended up filing bankruptcy.. at 23!

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I remember you, too, Gina! Glad you're still NED.

I hear that Kaiser has many satisfied consumers. When I taught nursing students there a few years back, the quality of care was very good (but of course that was just one hospital, albeit the one you would probably use in Oregn - Kaiser Sunnyside.)

There are some hospital data for California available here: http://www.oshpd.ca.gov/Charts/HUI/default.aspx

This page http://www.oshpd.state.ca.us/HQAD/Outcomes/index.htm on that site shows outcome data, although not for lung ca treatment, high-volume procedures are good indicators of how good the hospital's care is.

The American Nurses' Credentialing Center designates excellent hospitals as "Magnet" hospitals. The criteria for designation are complex, including management structures, work environment, etc., all things that have been linked to better quality of care and better retention and recruitment of nurses. A list is here: http://www.nursingworld.org/ancc/magnet ... magnet.cfm

The American Board of Medical Specialties allows you to check on your physician's specialty certification here: http://www.abms.org/

And finally, the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services offers hospital quality data here: http://www.cms.hhs.gov/HospitalQualityInits/

It's great (and overdue, in my opinion) that hospitals and health care providers have begun embracing "transparency" regarding quality data. Not everything is reported, but we have made a good start. Happy hunting!

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Hi Gina,

Oh My Gosh, it's SO NICE to see you! :D It's also nice to hear your doing well and enjoying your life. Good For You!

I don't know anything about Kiaser, but it looks like a couple people offered some good solid advice.

Just wanted to say HI and wanted you to know how nice it is to see you again.

Best wishes to you.

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Hi Gina,

Good to hear from you. Happy to hear you are doing well, what a survivor...Sorry you have to leave Dr. J and CCC. Must be good doctor's heh, we're still here.

As far as Kaiser treating CA, I don't know. My BIL and SIL have it and love their doctors, but then again it's not CA. Only thing they complain about is length of time to get an appt.. Their follow up is good. He has Diabetes and she had Hypertension, both treated by GP, no specialists involved.They go to Riverside...Did you talk to or ask Dr. J. if he could recommend or refer you or maybe Dr. Yang. It is so hard to change from doctors' that have taken good care of you and saved your life..

Wish I could help morewhen it comes to Kaiser, I'm green. Check in more often



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Hi All,

Thank you!

karen335, yes, loosing Dr. J is a blow. On my last visit, he looked at me, smiled, waved the test results and said "I am not gonna make any money on you, you got this beat" and laughed. Haven't seen Yang in a long time. Only if I have trouble, which I haven't. I think of you each time I eat Thai. That has become a regular luncheon hang out for work.

teresag, thanks for the links! It will give me some research to go on. And, yes, you are absolutely correct, it would be Sunnyside. It's only 10 blocks from my caregivers house.

I spoke with one person at work who has had Kaiser for awhile and went thru a less serious pre cancerous condition with them. She was satisfied with her treatment and is doing well. Unfortunately, she never had an onc. I had the same condition, a little more advanced as she, when I was in my 20s. I had follow ups with an onc, even tho there was never any treatment, proper. Just the usually battery of tests every 6 months etc.

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