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A smile

Nick C

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I phoned the town hall where Mom lived, I realized it's property tax time and probably need to get a check out for Mom's house.

I gave the address. The woman said, "Oh, Randy...is this her husband?" I said, "No her son".

She said, "Oh, really nice lady, I only met her a couple of times but really nice, very sweet."

That so sums up Mom...you only needed to meet her a couple of times for her to stick with you. It made me smile. Mom's not here, but she still is:)

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It just shows how she touched the people around her.

How wonderful for you to hear that, especially during this hardest of times.

I hate this disease, can I say that again?

PS - My family got a chuckle through the tears at my mom's wake (abeit a hysterical one) b/c even the lady that works at my mom's favorite Hallmark store showed up in tears. My mom moved in so many circles, and was loved by all... :) There's no one like our moms...

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