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Getting to know you - January 19


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I started working in the family Bowling center at 15

worked there on and off through college

After college worked 3 jobs, Vons grocery store, office assistant

and Bartender in a beer bar (this is where I 1st saw my man :P )

Finally got a real Job as a Letter Carrier for the

Post Office (have never hated a job so much in my life :twisted: )

Started my current job as a loan processor 12 years ago.

so thats it, I am sure one more change will happen

when I get ready to retire.

Alan worked construction since he was old enough to

follow his grandpa and drag along his own hammer :P

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At this age, I hope I can remember all of the various jobs I've had.

While in college, I worked as a teacher's assistant and a waitress.

Then, I took about 10 years off to be a stay-at-home mom until all three boys were in school.

Since then, I've been in retail management and office management. I really liked the fast moving pace of retail management but dealing with cranky customers was hard for me. So, I guess I'll stay bound to my office desk until retirement.

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Let's see.....

I worked as a camp counselor at the local YMCA when I was 16;

Worked as a secretary for a long-distance telecommunications company when I was 17;

Worked as a teaching assistant for several professors during my college years, mostly in statistics, operations management, and strategic planning areas;

Worked as a research assistant at an institute studying robotics, helped publish a research paper on the future of robotics in the home (oh did those rosy predictions so not happen :P );

Worked as another research assistant to a company helping them devise a sales cost-benefit strategy for a robotic product they had developed;

Worked on the manufacturing floor as a dept. head and a process control person for a couple of companies after that (one really large textile company and one a really small critical care product manufacturer);

Went the self-employment route after that: first doing small project work with my dad in his consulting business, then on my own....lots of different projects happened during those years; ended up doing a lot of grant writing and management consulting in the non-profit world until I had to quit working beginning in 2005.


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1. Service Rep for telephone company out of high school like most academically trained girls from Catholic school that did not go to college.

2. Receptionist, then secretary, then inside sales and then I took the Data Processing Aptitude Test and beat the pants off all the guy engineers and then I became a programmer and then the dp manager for a manufacturing company.

3. Marketing Rep for IBM.

4. Owned a computer software and consulting business.

5. Going back the other way now, part time bookkeeper for a small manufacturing company.

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Not sure I remember them all...

~Cafeteria worker/waitress age 15

~Key maker at Sears (no I can't pick a lock although they taught me how :lol: )

~Cash Office at K-Mart

~worked at a Bed and Breakfast in Norway

~Payroll Clerk - K-Mart

~Art Gallery owner --

~Substitute teacher

~Group home manager/Program manager

~Executive Director of a non-profit corporation

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college summer jobs:

ticket seller at an amusement park


accounting clerk

after college:

internal auditor, various progressive accounting positions, planning manager, project controls, project/systems/financial consultant, Controller/CFO, self-employed consultant

Time off from paid work currently and working on starting a non-profit (Breath of Life Support Foundation, Inc.).

Getting ready to get into grant writing for the non-profit as the next step in the fundraising process.

Take care.

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Ok..first I'm heading to Don for a massage!!! LOL

Geez...for being young I've sure tried my hands at alot of things!

1. Dishwasher (14)

2. Cleaning help for an elderly lady (14)

3. CNA in nursing home (16-20)

4. Night stock at Target (20)

5. Diesel fuel desk at a truck stop (20)

6. Waitress (Too long!)

7. Housekeeping at the "county farm"

8. More waitressing

9. Stay at home mommy/college student

10. Associate teacher in the self-contained behavior disorder room at the local jr. high (best job of my life...love it!!)

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1. Candy Striper at hospital (14-17)

2. Telephone Solicitor for Termite Inspection Company :shock: (16-18 )

3. 7/11 Store Clerk (18-20)

4. Office Manager for Filter Company (20-21)

5. Taxi Driver/Dispatcher (23-29)

6. Clerk/Sup for Electric Company (29-41)

7. Outside Sales Travel Agent (38-41)

8. Video Store Manager (42)

9. Customer Service Rep (43)

10. Sales & Service Manager for Call Center (44-50)

11. Call Center Director ? (50)

PS. I left out all the jobs under 1 year since I didn't want to take up the bandwidth.

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*Candy Striper

*Wendy's cashier (not grill-rated)

*Mall Jobs: The Limited, Express, Lerners

*Computer Lab at OK State University

*Tutor for the University when I was in college

*Teaching for the last 15 years--everything from preschool (not my fav) to high school--now middle school English and math.

:) Kelly

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