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New - Dad with Lung Cancer/Mets to Liver


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I am new to this site...I decided to join after reading so many nice things. My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago. In July he had the entire lung removed after chemo/radiation. He found out that he now has cancer in his liver and will be having a PET scan this week to determine the next route. At this point I am very concerned for him. I have been reading many of the posts and thought it might be helpful for me to join.



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Hello Candy and welcome

I am sorry about your Dad's diagnosis. Please let us know how we can be of help to you.

If you could give more information about your Dad's treatments etc by filling out a profile it will enable the others to offer you more detailed information and advice.

Please keep us posted on your Dad.

My best to you,


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Welcome to the LCSC. This is a remarkable group, filled with compassionate and knowledgeable people who have "been there" as a patient, family caregiver, or both. Don't hesitate to ask about anything that may concern or puzzle you -- there are no dumb questions, and you are sure to get helpful first-hand information on just about any lung cancer situation you can imagine.

Also, you should check out onctalk.com, founded by an oncologist in Seattle who specializes in lung cancer. Dr. West promptly responds to questions/comments posted on his onctalk.com forums, and he answers questions in real time on a special LCSC chat session every couple of months.

As someone has already mentioned, it would be a good idea to create a profile for your dad, with details on his diagnosis, treatment, and test results to date. That saves a lot of repetitive typing whenever you want to post a question or comment. Click the "My Profile" link at the top, scroll down to "Signature," enter/update your information, and be sure "Always attach my signature" is marked "Yes."

Best wishes and Aloha,


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