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Introducing myself


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I found this website through an email from carepages. I joined carepages last January when my then 2 year old great neice was diagnosed with Nuroblastoma (sp). Then on 8/23/06 I went in to a biopsy to come out with stage 3A lung cancer at 48. Talk about rocking my world. I have 2 daughters, 4 and 6 and am in no way ready to move on without them. So I have a lot to live for. In many ways I knew something was wrong, and when I have more energy (very long day today!) I will fill you in on more of my story. The lesson for me is keep asking questions and pushing back. No one will fight for me better than me (and my wonderful partner and family). I will be going to Philadelphia on 4/2 for a second opinion at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I want to get the second opinion, but also be treated in an environment that treats me holistically. I have been doing acupuncture during all my treatments (went from once a month to 2-3 times per week at times). I truely believe that the acupuncture is what got me through my radiation and chemo with decent blood counts. Where I am struggling now is between the ears! While doing my best to stay positive, I am feeling more fear in the waiting game and with my cough not improving much, it just adds to the fear (even though I am considered stable at this point). I am working full time and doing well for the most part. Sleep is not what I would like for now and hence am very tired, yet could not get off the message board tonight. Will sign off for now and look forward to more postings. Thanks for being here. :lol:

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Welcome Terri,

I hope you get a good second opinion at the CTCA. You mentioned going to Philadelphia. Are you close to there? I am close to SE PA myself, so was curious. It is a shame to find you here, but everyone is most supportive, knowledgable, and caring. Hope to get to know you better.


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Hi, Terri, and welcome to the LCSC! Hope you have a productive second opinion trip and the best of results from your future treatment. We'd love to see more details when you have a chance.

I see you've already started a profile, which is quite rare on the first post. Proactive -- that's a good sign! Aloha,


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I'm am so sorry you had to seek this site out. It's a club no one wants to be a part of. I totally understand about having small children and having to deal with this horrible burden. One thing that gets me up every morning is a little word called Hope. There are so many wonderful people who post here and are beating this disease. Why not you?

Take Care,


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