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Not Sure Where To Put This...


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But since it's basically an update, I'll toss it up here and if it's not in the appropriate place y'all can move it! LOL

Mom was moved to a hospice facility today...her request. The pain is unmanagable at home and the nausea/vomitting has been going hand-in-hand with it...so we're hoping to get her some relief.

The facility she's at is a wonderful place, we've visited friends there in the past, so Mom was comfortable with the choice of places to go. I'm always truely amazed at the people who staff this hospice and my family is getting a first-hand look at what it means to really care about a patient and their family during this time. Most of all I love how they take care of Mom and my "daddy" Ralph...he's been needing someone to help take the lead in all this and he's finally going to get some sleep tonight.......if he can remember how to do that.

I'm sending prayers up for all of you tonight...

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I just answered your other post and now I just read your update. This is great news, I am so glad that she is being well taken care of.

Maybe now you could relax. This must be such a big burden off your mind.

Keep us posted...

Maryanne :wink:

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So very glad that your Mom is in a place that your family feels so comfortable with and also glad that you can now get some well needed rest. I'll be saying prayers.

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(((Missy))) Hugs to you for all of your precious supportiveness to your mom. I am glad she is comfortable and well taken care of. I am sure it will help everyone to get some much needed rest knowing your mom is in good hands.

I am puling for you everyday.

Peace to you and your entire family...Flowergirlie

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