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Aaron (Spicysashimi)


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He has a blog listed at the bottom of his posts that I checked. He updated it a few days ago and seemed to be doing o.k. going into his second cycle of the Alimta/Gemzar (I think) he was starting on. If you search for some of his posts, the address is there if you want to check. Glad he sounds allright on the blog.


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hi all,

i am ok. thanks for your concern. I am on this two-week trial, which leaves me feverish one week and I feel so good week two, I just can't sit down and use the computer.

I am in the "bad week" now trying not to move in an superstitious attempt to avoid a fever and thus getting admitted. i hate the hospital.

i hope everyone is well and I hope to check in more often.



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Good to see you pop in and give us an update. :wink: You have a following you know? If people don't post we have a way of hunting them down and beinging them out. :P:wink::lol::lol:


I'm sorry that your having problems with your treatments. It just sucks anyway you want to cut it.

But, I'm going to be hopeful that this new trial stuff is kicking some cancer a s s !!!! :wink:

Sending Get Well Wishes, and keeping you in my prayers.

Hang in there! Give us a yell when you feel up to it.

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