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good news for mom


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Hi, I have posted before in the introduce section. My name is Rhonda and my mother has sclc mets to liver. I just wanted to update since I havent posted in a while. Mom just finished her 9th round of chemo and is doing fairly well. She had a pet scan done last month and ct of neck and abdomen. Which shows everything is clear. WHOO HOO. THANK YOU LORD!!!!! Her onc seems surprised and I say this because she tells us she cant believe how good mom looks and how good she is doing. The tumors in her liver are still shrinking. They wanted to start her chemo last week but mom desperately needed to get away so I talked to her onc and asked if she could start this week cause she had planned on going to maryland to visit her sister and she needed this mini vacation and her onc said that is fine. Everyone here has been so helpful with info and prayers, when I thought all I would ever see or read about this diease was all bad and basically told me mom didnt have a chance I ound this site, which I think was God sent. Anyways I wanted to share the good news and my prayers as also are with each of you.

Is anyone here from the West virginia area?

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A very good friend of mine had small cell lc and her cancer had also spread to her liver. She did chemo and then she did PCI (Preventative Brain Radiation) and I want to share with you and your mom that my friend Janet is as of May 15th an 8 year Small Cell Lung Cancer Survivor AND she is CANCER FREE and doing VERY WELL today!

This CAN be BEAT!

Best wishes to your mom and to you.

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My Mom-also dx small cell ext-liver in Sept-06-now getting concurrent radiation 2 x day x 3.5 weeks-is doing great!! When my Mom was first diagnosed all I wanted was to find survivors of this horrible disease that was thrown upon her and our family and I did here...

Take Care


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Excellent news. Congratulations to you and Mom.

I also believe, as many do, that this site is the best on the 'net. Deepest thanks to Katie, Rick and a few others who make it all possible.

I hope Mom enjoys her break and keeps on baffling the experts. I know we need them, (the experts) and they are a major part of the success equation but courage, faith, conviction and fortitude are right up there too. Mom's the one who brings those qualities to the game.


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Connie, that is such great news about your friend. I love hearing such survivor stories from people who are surviving this type of cancer. I do have one question. When do they do the PCI? Do they do it if they see something supicious? Also, I read a post on here that said something about taking some kind of mushroom vitamin. Does anyone know anything about this? One more thing, I was reading when my mom was first dx, about what she could take or something that would give me the miracle cure so to speak. Anyways, I was reading on one web site about ojibwa tea, which is essiac tea, well it interested me so I did some research and spoke with an indian friend of mine. She told me that she drinks it daily, she has lupus among other health problems, so I guess my question is has anyone heard of that. Ok so now I am going to vent alittle, ya know any type of cancer really sucks. It really runs in my family on both parents side. My grandfather passed away from prostate cancer, my uncle had another type of rare cancer(dont remember the name) but he had to have his leg taken off, he is still surviving. My aunt had hodgkins, still surviving, my father about 4 years ago had non hodgkins, now my mother with sclc and just found out a couple weeks ago my other uncle has I think some kind of throat cancer. He had a feeding tube inserted. So this really sucks. I am 36 and my brother is 40 and I feel like we are doomed. Well doomed isnt the right word(i apologize). It just seems like over the years no matter which way I turn there is the dirty word looking me right in the face. Not real sure how I even manage day to day, between my 5 year old daughter, my husband, my mother lives with me, taking care of the house, doctors appointments, etc. Truthfully, I wouldnt have it any other way, but I tell ya sometimes I feel like I am just going through the motions. Thank you all for reading and posting and keeping us in your prayers, even though I have not met any of you, I feel like you are my friends, my support system. So thank you again, and as always my prayers are with each of you.

Sorry for babbling

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I don't mind it at all when people "babble", because I'm a Babbler myself! I tend to write just like I talk! :D

I'm happy for your Mom, and hope she enjoys her vacation!

The only thing I can think of concerning all the different types of cancer in your family, is at least you know about them, and can get an extra check-up every so often, just to reassure yourself that you're okay.

As far as I know, my Dad was the only one (on both sides of my family), that had cancer. I wasn't raised around him, so he was virtually a stranger. He had melanoma and had to have an eye removed because of it. He then passed away from pancreatic cancer. I'm not sure if that was related to the melanoma, or to his alcoholic tendencies....I figure maybe if I get my skin checked out every so often, and don't drink (which I don't anyway!), maybe I'll not inherit his genes in that way.

Take care,


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What great news about your mom. That is wonderful and it gives such hope!!!

My mom will have PCI and her radiation oncolgist said he will do it about two weeks after her last round of chemo as long as the scans show the tumor in lung is gone. It is a preventitive. I hope this time frame helps answer your question. Just going by what I was told.

Continued prayers to you and mom,


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Bill had his PCI in November after finishing chemo in September. His PET scan was October and that showed cancer gone. Don't know anything about the teas, sorry I can't help there. Hope Mom is feeling good and can relax and enjoy life some......and oh, by the way,


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Rhonda, that's terrific! Very happy for you and your mom.

You asked about being from WV. I'm not "from" there -- grew up in Texas and have lived in Hawaii 35 years. But during my Air Force career I spent 3 years at WVU in Morgantown as an AFROTC instructor. Looking at a current map, I see a lot of expansion has occurred since I was there (1969-72). For one thing, the football stadium used to be on the downtown campus, next to Woodburn Hall. Our offices were on the top floor of Woodburn, and we had almost a Goodyear blimp view of the playing field. But we usually didn't take advantage of that on game weekends because of the horrendous post-game traffic.

Oh -- the Army ROTC staff was in the basement, which we thought was very appropriate.:)



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