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so we met with the nurse about the chemo treatment and side effects an so on. I got to ask more informed questions thanks to hunting the net and reading many of yours notes here on the board.

Pops has a 3.8 x 2.2 cm mass biobsy results show that it is NSCLC large cell carcinoma...test revealed the possibility that it may possibly be neuroendocrine carcinoma (it had the markers for it but there were not enough to make a definite Dx.)

there are multiple Mets in the liver.

anyone here have any experience with this neuroendocrine stuff? as far as we can tell his pancreas is fine...he had MS in the past so its hard to say how all that affects things.

Taxol sounds a bit on the scary side... hopefully Pop wont have too many side effects.

On the bright side yesterday was mothers day and Pop took me out to Macy's and bought me a beautiful diamond necklace... cool and sad at the same time I think he wanted it to count in case things dont get better... Me I just want my Dad

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Hi kaneohegirl,

Are you going with him? Just a few drops of the Taxol made me stop breathing. I found out later that some people are very allergic to it, but most people are OK with Taxol.

So you might want to watch your Dad very carefully when they start the actual Taxol drip. Watch for flushing in the face. The nurse is supposed to watch but they get distracted etc. So if you see any flushing, call it to nurse's immediately.

Prayers for your Dad and easy chemo tomorrow.

Oh and I almost forgot - sometimes they give you the prescriptions for anti nausea drugs as you are leaving. I hate hanging around pharmacy after chemo, so see if you can get it filled early or if they can call in prescription.

Good luck tomorrow,


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I hope things go well for you! Mom also had a reaction to Taxol (began turning red, itchy, I believe--my brother was with her that day) and they Bennadryl'd her up right away, which took care of things. After that it was a routine part of her Taxol treatment, and things went smoothly.

It's great for your dad that you will be there to support him. I'd say bring some good magazines, maybe a snack. Mom got to the point where she really liked the distraction of cheap handheld games (Wheel of Fortune and Yahtzee were her favorites) so we had a little bag with those as well.

Good luck to you. Keep us posted!

:) Kelly

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Good luck today.

They usually run taxol drip very slowly so that reactions are less likely to occur. Our onc's office also give steroids, benedryl, and anti-nausea meds in a "goodie bag" before the infusion to ward off reactions. Hunker down, it will be a long day, so all of the suggestions given are great.

I have no idea if the mass is big or not. I've seen many people post with up to 10 cm masses. The smallest we've ever gotten Tony's "Mr. Primary" was about 2.6 x 3.2 cm. He also has a new mass that is bigger then that now.

Good luck


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