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Hi I am new here.... with questions...


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I went in 5/7/07 for my first catscan as I have masses in my lower belly.

My catscan showed 2 masses on my lower belly ( which we are not concerned this is cancer but it does have to be removed as we can feel it on the outside of my belly and I am in a great deal of pain)

Also a 20 x 28 mass on my kidney ( were not concerned about this one either.)

But It also showed 2 subcentimeter nodular densities on my right lung. One is right middle lobe and one is the right lower lobe.

I had surgery set for june 18th to remove the mass in my belly and my overies. but surgeon called and said they may have to cancel because of the reports they got from my 2nd catscan( could it change in litterly 2 weeks or so?)

she said she didnt know if i woud need chemo or radation( not sure WHY she said that)

but anyways the lung Dr called me wants to see me asap. I am concerned because of some of the things they have said.

now 2 subcentimeter nodular densities thats not serious right? because dont subcentimeter mean small?

and besides they cant tell if its cancer by a catscan can they? i mean can they even tell if it looks like cancer by a catscan?

I know I have been feeling awful sick and wore down and I am sleeping a lot.Im in a lot of pain from the masses in my belly as well.

the Drs have kinda worried and scared me. i mean this cant be that serious right? its only small ones right? what does densities mean?

they keep telling me it is serious. I have spoke to 5 drs and I am told the same but subcentimeter nodular densities aint that SMALL? how can they even tell if they think its cancer without a biopsy?

I have read here all week and keep reading that normally they just rescan in 3 months but they have already sent me for more then one test. they also said I have to have pulmonary function test.

Im just concerned because I think the dr's are making more of this then it is.

I mean CANCEL my majior surgery??? :(

can someone help and tell me what 2 subcentimeter nodular densities means? i mean that dont sound to serious to me. that is small right so no serious?

I was in chat but noone was there.. i really could use some pep talk if anyone wants to join :(

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It may just be nodules and not cancer Trina. I do not think that there is any way to tell except for a biopsy. It is one thing to see something and another to actually know what it is. Suncentimeter is less than a centimeter so that would be very small. SHe could be just be being very cautious with comments about Chemo or Radiation. Is this doctor a Family / general physician or an Oncologist because of other masses?

If you want to chat, post a message requestiong a general chat with a time that is convenient for you. put in the thread that you are concerned about a diagnosis, and ask who would be available at the time you want to chat for a chat. We only use that room on tuesday nite but if you want it is available any time you need. I will try and be there and we can see sho else may show up.

Thanks, Welcome to the club that no one likes to join. Keep the spirits up and Sending prayers. LEt US Know when you want to chat OK????

Found this little tidbit of info from radiology journal;

The term “too small to characterize” should be used cautiously. Sub-centimeter hypodense lesions may be too small to characterize by CT density measurements, but comparison to prior studies may allow basic characterization as likely benign or malignant. Sub-centimeter lesions which have been stable for many years are likely benign, while multiple new sub-centimeter lesions are concerning for metastases.

This may help with clarity!!! :wink:

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thats what i was thinking.. its nothing serious because of the size.. and the surgeon ( general surgeon) mentioned chemo and radation after getting my 2nd ctscan from the lung dr ( both ct scans was done within 2 weeks of each other... ) i would not think it would grow in that period of time.

i am kinda annoyed with my surgeons and my family dr and the lung dr right now.. because when they talk to me they scare the crap out of me keep telling me it is very serious but will tell me more thursday . but from what I am reading how serious can it be since its that small?

they are more worried abhout the things that showed up on my lungs then anything elese right now..

can they tell if it looks like cancer by a ct scan? i am just so confused..

I am in chat now but i understand if noone wants to come in as its late.

ty so much for your message


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Maybe you could call the last doctor that you saw and tell them you want them to further explain what is going on....I know it gets too confusing sometimes. There's just so much information you can absorb at once!

I would think that a biopsy should be done. (Maybe they could do it at the same time you have the surgery on your stomach???)

I hope you get good news.


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Do you have lung cancer? Or do you have some other kind of cancer that has or may have spread to the lung and other parts of your body? I'm not clear as to your dx.s. I've never heard of lung cancer spreading to the stomach, but then again I never say never. Any thing is possible.

I don't understand why they are not concerned about your stomach pain and tumor. Nor do I understand why they are not concerned about the tumor on your kidney. This is very odd to me and doesn't make sense. I sure hope you can get a doctor to make sense of all this. I don't think any one here can do that for you!

What kind of lung cancer do you have?(if you have lung cancer?) None small cell, or small cell or large cell? This is helpful for us to know to help you.

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I also am confused over what the primary issue is and maybe that is because the doctors have you confused! They sure can do that to a person. :?

At this point I can only tell you what my husband said while undergoing all the testing -- "I don't have cancer until they tell me I have cancer". You have not been told that.

Hopefully this turns out to be just regular old nodules in your lungs and the other issues can be resolved.

Best wishes,


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Trina actually the complaint folks usually have is that their doctors are not performing enough test and of course the tests and results NEVER come fast enough. Perhaps you doctor is being extra cautious and proactive. I know this is easier said than done but take deep breaths and try to relax. Welcome to a wonderful site packed with great people.

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I have not been told it is cancer Ive been told there is a great chance it is cancer? but i thought from reading on here that since there is only two subcentimeter nodular densities then there is nothing to worry about. so I am confused as of why my dr's are talking about cancer.

I think they are not worried about the masses in my belly because they think it is Endo and they said you can get them on your kidney and they be normal.

they are putting surgery on hold because of my lung issues ? i dont know but the Drs have me scared. :(

I mean subcentimeter nodular densities are normal right? and since they are so small they cant be tested right? One is in my lower right lobe and one middle right lobe. I guess the stuff I am reading makes me confused.. because I keep reading you cant tell by a catscan if its cancer( or can they tell if it looks like cancer?) Ive already did two catscans and go in thursday to talk to the dr more.

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Trina I have NO idea how big the spots on my lungs were. I had a CT scan, a PET scan and then a biopsy before they were sure it was cancer. Even after the biopsy it took a couple of different reads to make absolutely sure. Just remember it is much better if they find it while it is tiny.

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I'm not sure you really need to be here at a lung cancer group. If you have nodules, they are small (very small cm size) otherwise they would be called tumors or a mass.. Nodules can be infection, scar tissue, many other things other then lung cancer. I think you might be going in the wrong direction for now. Being here maybe confusing you in the wrong direction for now. Why don't you wait and see what it is you have first. Make sure you have a doctor that is aggressive and one your comfortable with.

Wishing you good things.

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the only reasson I came here because the Surgeon and lung dr mentioned it may be cancer. but i am not understanding why they would even think that since its just 2 subcentimeter nodulars densities ( btw can anyone tell me what densities means)

they didnt even find this until they did the catscan on my belly and then the lung dr looked at it and made me go in for another catscan right away and then after looking at that catscan I was told my surgery on my belly may have to be pushed back because of my lungs.

ill find another site to read on im sure im on the wrong site

thanks for the messages

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Trina You amy not have lung cancer is what is being said right now. You may be prematurely scaring yourself, thats all. I can not find a clear cut definition of Subbcentimeter densities. Everything I have looked at is too scientific to understand. Found 1 post that INDICATES teh fact that subcentimeter Nodules are Malignant. This may not be the case I am not an expert. You need to wait until Next appointment on Thursday for more answers right now. You may only have B9 Nodules. That is a good thing compared to Malignant Nodules or Cancer. Don't leave just yet. wait and see what Docs say and then everyone will know more info on what is going on. Give the kids a big nite nite hug and Think Positive right now. will keep looking for a Definition for you. Just needed to drop you a note here thats all. Prayers for a quiet nite and some peace and tranquility tonite.

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I think you are getting upset way before you know what your problem is. Your doctors may be being very cautious. As far as I know sub centimeter means smaller than a centimeter. They may or may not be cancer. If for some chance they were cancer then they may not want to operate. Then they may want to treat the cancer first. I would think that they would give you a PET scan to see if there is any uptake. If there was then they would need to do a biopsy to confirm cancer. They don't want to do the wrong thing so they are being very careful. When they get through with the entire test then you can get a second opinion. Keep us posted

Stay positive, :)


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but I mean I am concerned and a little scared but not overly scared ( i personally dont think its cancer ) I mean i am wore out but i mean wouldnt i feel sicker? I do have a lot of pain under my LEFT lung( but its the right lung that they found the stuff on)

I just came here to research and was hoping to be told my Dr's was being overly worried but i guess I came off as a basket case and Im sorry for that.

the Dr's are the ones having me scared. i dont have understand why they would even mention chemo or radation because from what ive researched you cant even tell if its cancer from a catscan alone. ( ive had two in two weeks)

and now they are talking about pushing my surgery back on my belly because of my lungs. just dont make a lot of sense to me.

ty for the messages but like one poster said I am in the wrong place.I thought i was in the right place as I was told by 3 drs it may be lung cancer but Im sorry for being in the wrong place. i wish you all love and health and you will all be in my prayers

I have been reading here and really do each and everyone of you the best in life can offer.

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You are not in the wrong place. You might be thinking wrong. I think you took it wrong when told you were in the wrong place. The people here are full of love and support.

Yes I am sure you are scared and confused by what the doctors are telling you but you will have to do the normal hurry up and wait thing until the tests are all done and the doctors know for sure what is going on.

Even if everything turns out great for you and you don't have lc you are still welcome here because I think learning about lc and helping someone else that does have it is not a bad thing. Heck who knows maybe you will become our biggest advocate because you was so scared of what the doctors told you and you found the love and support from all of us so awsome that you had to do something to help our fight.

If the news you hear from your doctors really makes you a member of lc then you will need the support we have to offer so please don't leave.


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It's okay to come here as a basket case! :) !!

"I" Did!!! :shock: (and still do, at times!)

I'd think it rather strange if someone new came here, in total control of themselves!!

I just hate for you to be scared! It might be something very simply fixed, which is what I'm hoping for you.

Take care of yourself,


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Postponing a surgery to ensure something that showed up in a CT scan on your lung is not a concern is normal and really the right thing for the doctor to do.

Do you have someone go with you to your appointments. You are saying the doctors said "chemo" and "Radiation" but in what context? If someone hasn't gone with you to appointments, I think it would be HUGELY helpful to you to have someone there. So often Mom heard one thing but the doctor was saying something completely different.

Also, if you don't have LC and don't know anyone who does, you are still certainly welcome. I think the "you don't need to be here comment" was merely to say LC MAY not be affecting your life at all. We all sure hope not.

That said, take it one step at a time...and please keep us posted.

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I'm sorry your doctor's scared you like that. I can't understand how they can say cancer over nodules without a biopsy. :? I can totally understand why your so confused. I'm just as confused on this as you are. Although I'm not a doctor either! :roll::wink:

Please know I am NOT trying to chase you away, but I know that some people come to this board and find it very confusing, depressing, scary, and yes nice and supportive as well. My concern is just for you, and I don't want to see you anymore scared then you already are.

I don't think any of us can honestly give you a diagnosis but we can offer support and comfort.

As for density I can share this with you. I had open heart surgery 4 years ago. during that surgery I had a nodule in my one and only right lung that we had been watching for about 6 months at that time via CT scan. We had NO idea if that nodule was cancer or not cancer, so we just watched it via CT scans every three months. At the time of my surgery, my surgeon went to that nodule to see if he could removed a section of my lung with that nodule. Long story short, I started to bleed and he had to close me up, however, he DID feel the nodule and he said that it didn't have the right (density) to be cancer. When I asked him what he meant by that he said, it didn't have the right feel of what a cancerous nodules feels like and he looked me right in the eyes and said, don't worry it's not cancer. I was good with that answer, and I let it go and got on with my life :wink:

I wonder if they were maybe talking calcified or non-calcified? When do you see a doctor again? When you go to the doctor, do you go alone? If so, DON'T! Take someone with you when you go for your appointments. It only helps you to understand things better when you have more the two sets of ears listeing to is being said. Or take a tape recorder with you so you can play it back if you need to be clear on what might have been said in your doctor's office.

Wishing you all the best.

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I am going to have my friend go with me this thursday.

The first catscan I had they said they was concerned but would let the lung Dr get back to me. The lung Dr got back to me and said it was urgent to go and get a full chest catscan and then I went and got the full chest scan.

after lookign at the 2nd scan the lung dr said I needed to come in right away. ( the problem was I was sleeping when he called so missed going in that morning)

they called back again and said they needed my surgeons, my family dr's numbers right away.and that I must come in thursday and to make sure no matter what I dont miss that appointment. They told me we need to talk about treatment options (whatever that means)

I then got a call from my surgeon telling me they had spoke to the lung dr and we may need to push my surgery back because they dont know if my lungs can handle the surgery right now and when I asked her what they meant by treatment options she said chemo , radation and maybe something elese.she said she was not 100% sure but thats what she got from the lung dr i guess. so really I dont know what the heck is going on except that Ive been to dr's almost daily for last few weeks and or had them calling me daily and was told i may have lung cancer.

I do have a throat infection so I am sure thats one reasson I am so wore down.

they are not worried about the masses in my lower belly because I had this less then two years ago also and they dont think it is cancer they think it is endo ( last time it was a mix of endo and precancer cells) but they are sure its just endo

and I was told you can get cyst on your kidney so that is normal.

all I do know is I want to stop hurting( from masses in belly)

I want to not be so tired and wore out.

My dh is away at police acadamy and home only on weekends so it kinds sucks doing this alone. We also have two small children so its just been kinda hard right now.

I honestly dont think its cancer i think my drs are just worried it is for whatever reasson. but i dont think it is. and if it is God will take care of me.

I just want to feel not sick no more.

Not so tired and get all this crap ( pardon my lang)over with

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A nodule is a descriptor for how a density appears, and a density describes pretty much any kind of spot that appears in the lungs on imaging. That can be more solid and nodular-appearing, or it may be more of an "infiltrate", which would be more of a fog/cloud, less solid-appearing.

-Dr. West

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Hi randy! i responded to your pm! your a doll!

today went bad and good.

I guess on the 2nd catscan they found 5 masses. one with a hole in one and that worries him.

he is being very aggressive trying to find info out right now.

I go in for a A Bronchoscopy tuesday

I go in for a pet scan before the 18th ( my sugery date for my belly)

My lungs are not fully working and i got a shot in my hip and will take more next week. I'll take steroids at home until they get stronger.

We talked about him surgerically removing part of the mass and we decided against it right now. we want to see what the results show first.

they are small masses so if its cancer we got it early he said.

I can go and have my surgery on 18th as long as my lungs get stronger as he understands my surgery on the 18th is a very serious one as well.

He also mentioned Endometriosis of the lungs but said this would be extremely rare expecially since I had my cervix removed in my early 20's( Im 28 now) but like I told him. I AM a rare person and I have HAD endo since i had my cervix removed ( less then two years ago and at same time cancer cells in my belly)

like i told him id reather Endometriosis of the lungs although he said thats not a good thing! He does not think its Endometriosis but did mention it.

My lung test showed that my lungs go to callapse when i inhail in( sorry i know im spelling really badly im not a good speller) but like I mentioned steroids should help with this.

they took TEN tubes of blood at the hospital! OMGOSH!! thats a LOT!!

he said if the test dont show anything were still stay on top of this and catscan once a month as he said it may be to small to tell exactly yet but knows it did grow since first catscan.

so i guess thats it for now. Im scared about tuesday!

can anyone share their experiances with this test?

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