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another one needed


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Ry, may I please have an open-ended pass for the duration of my surgery/moving/generally being overwhelmed period.

I am having surgery to remove more lymph nodes this Thursday which is exactly 2 weeks before we close on our old and new addresses. The timing stinks but I figure I can direct the unpacking by my family very easily (makes a change from actually doing it :lol: ) and as I've done it so many times I know EXACTLY how it should be done - that should be good for a few "discussions" too :wink::wink:

I'll check in when I can but if I'm gone for any length of time please don't put a recall on my pass......I will be back.


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Best of luck this week, Geri. And best of luck getting all moved around. I have NO doubt you will be an excellent directress in charge of all the movers :lol: !

Update when you can. I'll start the handwringing not until Thursday morning and be ready with celebratory drinks afterward!!!!

Your buddy!!!


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