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My father passed away


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I joined this support group when I first found out that my father had lung cancer. I never really posted but read occasionally.

My father passed away on Friday June 15, 2007 after battling lung cancer for over 3 years. He was 63 years old. He was a fighter & a very strong man. I thank god that he was with us as long as he was. We almost lost him 2 1/2 years ago on Christmas he was in the hospital & on a respirator. Since then he came home & built himself back up & saw the birth of 2 more of his grandchildren. He was on oxygen but really did not suffer much & was not in too much pain. Unless he never complained. He was really not bad until the last week of his life. He was just very out of it & confused. He refused to go back to the hospital. His wishes were to die at home & that is how it happened. He left behind his wife of 41 years, his 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

I miss him so much. When will the pain go away? I know this answer is ...NEVER!



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Wow--what an amazing fighter your dad was. It's such a blessing that he got to meet two more grandbabies. I tell my daughter that we miss our loved ones so much because we loved them, and were loved by them, so much. In a sense we were lucky. My prayers will be with you and your family this week.


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