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Hi My name is Deb my husband John was diagnosed with NSCLC on March 4,2007. On March 6, he was admitted to hospital with pneumonia He was ther 25 days. He has just reently started radiation and chemo 15 rads down and 3 chemo. I have recently started a new job Hubby pushed me TO GO FPR IT!!! I am having difficulty concentrating on learning it,but I have to do it since we have not received short term disability money for since May. I hope I can cope with all this confusion It feels like we are on a rollercoaster with more downs than ups. Thank you for listening to me vent

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Hi, Deb, welcome to the LCSC! I'm sorry to hear about your husband, but glad you found us. Of course you're super-busy right now with a new job on top of everything else, but please, as soon you get a chance, give us more details on your husband's condition -- what cell type of NSCLC, stage, symptoms, specific chemo agents he's getting, etc. That will help us give you solid, useful information whenever you have questions along the way.

The best to you both, and Aloha,


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Hello Deb and welcome

I am sorry you had a reason to find a site like this, but am glad you have joined us.

Please feel free to vent any time you need or want to. We are here for you and will be glad to listen as well as offer you advice and support.

When you can, filling in the profile will give us an idea of what treatments your husband has had and is currently going through. Just click on my profile at the top of the page and it is pretty simple from there.

Let us know how we can help...


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Welcome to the wives club no one wants to join. I am glad your husband has recovered from pneumonia and is in treatment. I am sure it is hard to deal with the new job and being a caregiver. Keep us posted on how he does.


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Hi Deb,

Welcome here. So sorry about the news about you hubby. So many here have walked in your shoes including myself. I know who scared you must be.

This site has been a G-d sent for me. I know we can help you through this as we understand about rollercoaster rides. You just want it to stop so you can get off, but it just keeps going and going. It is a newending ride, but it will slow down and become more tolerable as you get use to the "new norm". It will never be the way it was but it will get better.

Sometimes work is really good as it helps take you mind off your problems for awhile. I also know at the same time how hard it is to concentrate when your mind wonders back to the situation. Also being a new job it must really be hard for you But do this for him as well as yourself for he is the one who pushed you to "Go for it".

Please place a profile that will appear at the bottom of your post, so we can understand what kind of LC he has what his staging is and what treatments he is getting.

Just click on my profile at the top of this page. Then go to signature at the bottom of the profile page and add in his history.

We are always here for you. Please know the LC is not a death sentence. There are so many new treatments out there.

Keep us posted on his progress.

Good luck with your new job.


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Welcome to the site. You will find a lot of support here, I have. Sorry to hear about your husband, please keep us posted. I vent all the time, thankfully many will listen! :)

Good luck with your new job. I can imagine how hard it is to concentrate. I've experienced this many times, but not with a new job! So I wish you and your husband the best.


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