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It might be back!


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I haven't posted for quite awhile,but I have been lurcking.

I love all of you guys dearly, but I was getting so depressed, (there were a number of our friends passing at that time) I guess you can call me a whimp.

I have had a lot of back pain for a couple of years and have been taking meds for it, but for the last couple of months the pain has been terrible and the morphine isn't helping at all. Plus I have been getting terrible headaches, and my sister was dx with stage4 lung cancer in Dec. with mets to the brain so that worried me too.

Anyway I went to a neurologist and he put me thru a series of tests 2 of them being MRI's of the cervicle and thorasic spine. The report stated that T8 & T1&2 Had metastatic lesions and T8 was very bad.

Also C4 & 5, and C5 & 6 had bulging and were completely compressed. The neurologist has told me to go back to my radiation onc. and also has made me an appointment with a neurosurgeon because in his words, he's afraid that my spine will pop and I will be paralized.

I have an appointment with my radiation onc. monday and the neurosurgeon weds.

I have been getting good reports as far as the lungs go.

I hope that even tho I seemed to have deserted all of you, I will still have your prayers.

I don't know why I said that I know that I will.

Love to all of you.

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Hi Barb!!!

I have missed those good looking guys in your avatar :wink: ! Glad to 'see' all of you again!

I am just so darn sorry about your troubles. I have a bad cervical, thoracic, AND lumbar spine with herniated discs and bulging ones, as well as deteriorating ones too. But no sign of metastatic disease. Make sure you cover all he bases as you collect your info. Second opinions (or more) if necessary.

I understand about having to pull back from the board too..........it can be disheartening here sometimes. You have dealt with this before and I am confident that you will be vigilant in taking care of everything tht needs to be done again. I am just so sorry you have to do it. You have many prayers............please let us know as things unfold.


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I haven't had any of your symptoms but will definitely do some praying that it is NOT that crud we all know and hate so much...

I do understand the need to pull away due to the sad nature of the pots at times, I've done it a few times for that very reason.

Good luck and let us know as soon as possible!

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Praying for you! Understand you having to take breaks...I've done it several times and almost left a couple of months ago...then, my dad was diagnosed...have been mostly lurking...some posting. Take care. Please let us know what the game plan is for you.

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Hi Barb,

Long time No See, but I'm sure glad you checked in with us. I'm so sorry to hear of your issues. I totally understand this back issue stuff. I too have been dealing with back pain for about a year now. No Cancer issues for me, but back pain sucks too!

I also understand having to take a break from here. Sometimes it's just a healthy thing to do. You have to take care of YOU. You come first.

Please know your in my thoughts and prayers. We're here for you when you need an ear or just want a supportive HUG! Take care my friend, and let us now how it goes at the doctor's office. Saying prayers and sending you positive vibes all will be better for you.

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Well hello Barb,

I really missed that great avitar of your boys also. Glad you're back but I wish it was under different circumstances. So sorry about your sister, how is she doing?

I have a strong feeling the radiation will certainly help your problem. You saw the post from Jackie about her friend.

I just wish they could have caught that earlier as I cannot imagine the magnitude of pain you are in. :shock:

I will add you to my prayers and I know you will keep us posted.


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You have beaten it once and you can do it again. I too have had some spots show up after 2 years. I started chemo again and plan to put it back in remission. If you have any doubts about anything then do what Kasey says, second opinions.

Stay positive, :)


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