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CT Scan Results


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Hi Friends

It's been a very long time since I have shared information on my lung cancer condition. Most of you know that I have had this for 2 1/2 years now and was not able to have surgery to remove the lung. Instead I had the chemo and radiation which stopped the growth and put me in a stable enviornment. In April of this year, CT scans revealed mets to the liver. So, new anxieties took over.

Meanwhile, I developed radiation pneumonitis in the right lung and currently am on oxygen 24/7 along with taking 60 mg prednisone daily.

On Aug 18, I started a regimin of Navelbine. I got my CT Scan results and they show the liver tumors have not shrunk and may have grown larger in one spot.

Our hospital recently employed a new radiologist who is very adept in the Radio Frequency Ablation method along with two other surgeries called Cromotherapy and Transarterial Chemoembolization. He says I am a candidate for all three surgeries. So, next week I meet with my oncologist and discuss the options.

As it appears this information will be of great importance to all of us, I will keep you posted when I hear anything new.

God Bless

Sue M

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Dear Sue:

Here's for huge hopes for some good news from the radiologist.

Please, please keep us posted. Earl has had a recurrence with multiple tumors in his liver. Right now they have started him on Carbo/Taxol for up to 6 treatments depending on his response.

The dr. says the next step would be Iressa. He claims Earl is not a candidate for RFA. I will fight that battle or any other one, when and if this current treatment is not successful.

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