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Blurred Vision


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Bill has had blurry vision for about one month. I have been absolutely convinced that his cancer had spread to his brain, despite his PCI last year.

Today he went to the eye doctor, who diagnosed cataracts. I was never so happy to hear that Bill needs cataract surgery.

Sounds very crazy, but I'm so relieved.

He thinks I'm nuts.....gone off the deep end. Actually, a little nuts, but very happy.

Blessings to you all........have a great Tuesday!!!

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Thank goodness!

Mom had the surgery done on both of her eyes, and the recovery was fine, other then the fact that she had to use a lot of eye drops for a while afterwards.

I'm sorry he has to mess with that, but am happy it's nothing to do with the cancer!

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Now that I'm actually reading the posts instead of playing with songs :lol: , I'm glad it was something they can correct for Bill. You guys deserve a break so badly. These ophthalmologists are busy -- they are all that way. Booked months in advance. Sorry they couldn't squeeze him in sooner.

I'm squirrelly, so "nuts" sounds good to me. :wink:


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