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hi...i'm here hoping to find help for my father who was diagnosed with nsclc in april of 2007...it is stage 3b in the right lung, adenocarcinoma and another type, i think lg cell...he completed 4 rounds of chemo (carboplatin and taxol...developed nueropathy and had to stop...4 weeks later cat scan and everything is about the same...then went back to the doc (5 wks) went in tuesday the 4 and was told that some of the lymphnodes were swollen and he is to start alimta next week...found ernie's story back when dad was first diagnosed which offered lots of hope but dad won't take anything unless prescribe by his oncologist...personally i like the holistic approach...would love for him to drink the essiac tea...anyone heard of that and if so any documentation results...he was getting ready to do the tea when he went to the doctor tuesday...(its an old cancer treatment passed down by the indians in canada...anyway it has 4 ingrediants burdock root, slippery elm inner bark, sheep sorrel and indian rhubarb root)...its suppose to make the cancer swell then shrink and finally go away...anyway it has been a roller coaster ride for us all...worried about my mom...she doesn't sleep and i know it is because of this...mom and dad have been married for 53 years and have 4 children and 8 grands...we are a very close family and i know that helps...we all have a strong faith and i know the Lord can and will heal...I just hope that that is the plan he has for my family...I believe in the power of prayer! God bless you all!

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Hello! Just wanted to extend a welcome to you - and prayers for healing to your family! I don't have much firsthand knowledge of Essiac Tea, but I found some info. from the American Cancer Society's website: http://www.cancer.org/docroot/ETO/content/ETO_5_3X_Essiac_Tea.asp?sitearea=ETO

I have heard of "Chaparal Tea" (Made from "Chaparal", aka Creosote, here in the Southwest) having similar anti-cancer properties, as well.

Personally, I believe in "integrated" medicine...a blend of the natural, and when/if that doesn't work, the traditional medical modalities...as long as one does not interfere with the other.

My BEST wishes to you & your family! Your father is lucky to have such a devoted daughter, and advocate on his team!!

Yours in HOPE!!


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I'm so sorry you had to find us here, but you've come to the right place. There is so much support and experience offered here.

There are those that report good results with Essiac and other supplements, but your dad should always check with his oncologist first. He needs to be sure there are no contraindications with his treatments.

Remain hopeful and keep coming back! All my best to you and your family.

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There is also a type of therapy called Complementive alternative which means you can try things on the side to help traditional Chemo. This is been around a while and the bigggest thig to do is let Oncologist know what is being taken. Every pill and type of vitamin or Mineral or herbal tea. THis is to avoid interactions with Chemo tretment.

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Hi I just want to welcome you here. I am so sorry about your dads diagnosis. But once he starts treatment he will feel much better.

Like everyone said, let his Onochologist know what vitamins he is taking or would like to take.

He seems to have a wonderful family right by this side. Always keep a positive attitude around him and it is important for him to have the same as that is half the battle.

SO many people on here were staged IIIB and are doing fine today.

We are always here for you for any questions or support you may need.

Keep us posted on his progress. Please when you have the time write a profile (which you will see on the top of this page "my profile") so we will remember his staging and what treatments he is having or will have.


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I agree with many of the comments above. Don't take anything like herbs or unusual teas without talking to the doctor first. Not all that is "natural" is really "drug" free. Think about it, many of the drugs the doctors prescribe are plants as digitalis leaf that is given for peoples hearts, etc.

keep us posted.

Donna G

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Well Dad has had his first visit to the oncologist after starting his 1st round of 2nd line treatment (Alimta). He is doing good...blood work good, feeling good except a little nausea and general tiredness. We have high hopes! We are counting or blessings. Sunday Mom and dad went to church but had to leave because dad started feeling sick...but nevertheless they are hanging in there. Mom had her birthday yesterday (75) and they went out to dinner...also the doctor had another patient ask about the essiac tea and if she could take it so the doctor asked dad to bring the information about it because he wanted to read up on it...YES! Hopefully he will read and see if any of the 4 ingrediants would adversly effect the chemo...keep your fingers crossed. So all is going well...we are hanging in there...Love and prayers to all...what a horrible disease...and how hard it is to watch people we love have to go through this!


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Hi, Debbie, welcome to the LCSC! You did fine with your post, and you plus your mom are going to be a tremendous help to your dad.

One thing that will save you a lot of typing in the future is to create a "profile" of your dad's symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, test results, etc., like you see at the bottom of our messages. Here's how to do that:

Click "My Profile" at the top, scroll down to "Signature," enter/update your information in the box, scroll down further, ensure "Always attach my signature" is marked "Yes," then click "Submit" at the very bottom.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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