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What a Week


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To begin with, I've visited this forum before but this is the first time I've posted.

First, I'd like to say that I'm proud to be a member of such a unique group of individuals. I am in awe of the courage displayed by so many of the forum's members in the face of such adversity. There are so many truely compasionate people out there who reach out to so many others that need understanding and hope.

Secondly, I just celebrated my three year anniversay (9/29) of having my entire right lung removed due to stage IIB cancer. I'm still clean as of 7/23/07. I keep telling my wife that she's not getting rid of me so easily (honestly, I couldn't have made it without her -- I found true love).

Lastly, although I still suffer from shortness of breath, have physical limitations and easily fatigued, I found out today my disabity company is trying to give me a difficult time with benefits. Initially, I was really bummed. But after giving it some thought, I realized that I faced a much bigger problem three years ago and I came out of it smelling like a rose. I'm sure I will this time too.

Well, I just thought I'd share some thoughts with everyone tonite. I wish you all well.

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Welcom LMlV: Glad you took the opportunity to introduce yourself, and a big congratulations on your 3 year anniversary. That's quite an achievement. You are quite right in the fact that there are some wonderful and caring people here. Let us know how we can help you. Good to get to know you.


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