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Getting to Know You - November 5


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I think I would have done just fine being a pioneer woman. I would have loved riding in a covered wagon and cooking over an open fire. Not sure how I would how great I would have been washing clothes on a washboard but I think I could have handled it.

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I would have been fine,

was explained a lot of it

by my Mom's oldest brother

that went west as a pîoneer

and met his wife on the trip.

He also went to California

and Alaska before he came back

to Canada.

He was born in 1863 and died

at 98 years old.


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It seems like all of my life I have been a modern day popneer. First at 17 I ended up 2,500 miles from my home in a place that was about as foreign to me as Mars would have been.

Then after my divorce I traveled cross country alone back home to California and a month later moved on to Washington sight unseen to set up a home and make a life with Johnny. After 5 months he was gone and 5 months later I was on the move again down to Southern California and that was different too and I was on my own.

From there up here to French Gulch where less than two weeks after arriving I was snowed in for 4 days with no heat or lights. Now I am retired living in Redding and for me that too is a new adventure.

Heck my whole life has been an experience I could call pioneering :!:

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Like Lilly I'm a pioneer who has always had electricity and running water!

We got married on Saturday and left for Montreal on Thursday, our first 3000 mile trip into the unkown - albeit in a first class cabin on a luxury liner!

From there we moved another 3000 miles west to Calgary and then another 3000 miles east to Toronto.

The next few moves were pretty tame, 2000 south to TX then 2000 north to VT and now 200 east to MA.

Could I have done this in a covered wagon? I don't know, probably not.......it was hard enough at times with all the modern conveniences!!

But....two of our moves were made with a travel trailer in tow - does that count?

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